In a Society of Instant Satisfaction

We live in a time when people expect to see almost instant change For answers to their problems as fast as technology grows. Things aren’t that simple and humans are more complex than the most sophisticated machines we have invented. Poverty is still here. And even more rampant than before technology growth. Where technology have blessed us in many ways it has isolated us in others. Our parent and grandparents saw gradual changes in technology and but with the 60’s and the space program our technology world has taken off at the same rocket speed. We now carry around in our hands smart phones which in the early days of computing would have taken up a room of equipment to do a little of the same thing. Now in a day of great technology growth we see it’s limits and question on what good is it in a world of pandemic.

In this day of instant satisfaction. We see a use of good old common sense. Yet getting that to sink in our heads might take a little time. We look around us and depending where you live you either see people not coming down with the Corona virus or we see deserted street and maybe portable hospitals with paramedics bringing covid-19 patience’s. A lot of us understand that our scientist are using all our technology to figure our treatments , quick test to tell you if you have it or not. More technology is being used develop a vaccine to prevent a recurring of this pandemic next year. We want answers and we want it now but it isn’t the way things really work in life.

Somethings just can’t be replace and somethings can’t be solved instantly. What has help even though some people will argue that it hasn’t but good old common sense. I think when our national scientist and medical society said the best way to slow this thing down would be to isolate yourself and family from other people and wash your hands , distant yourself from other is the best individual plans. I grant you it is to late for those who have been exposed but for the rest of us it isn’t to late to stop the spread by our self imposed isolation. You may not think you are strong enough but you see you have to be because it is the safest way and a proven way. Our forefathers ended their pandemic in that way and even though it might have taken years to come up with vaccines and successful treatments it worked. You can call President Trump anything you like but someone gave him the wisdom to do a lot of what he has done.

So in this day of instant satisfaction something else trumps it and that is good old common sense and prayer. The later you may not have any belief in or faith in, Yet through out history prayers have been answered in one way another but not always in a speedy time frame that we want.

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