A World in a Nightmare

I’m not sure about you this corona virus disease that traveling around our world seem to put all of us on edge some. For me I just thank God that I’m retired now. I’m going on 6 years of retirement and it really has been rather relaxing in a lot of ways. When you are use to starting your day off at 6:00 am and some days not getting home until 9:00 pm . Even then my day wasn’t always done because getting called out again sometimes happened. It really was getting better at the time that I retired but unfortunately for me it was happening to late in my work life. You might say what the heck did this guy do. Well for 44 years I worked in the world of vending machines. It was a fascinating job in many ways and I watched as technology changed before my eyes in every aspect of my job and the company I worked for . It was a always learning experience and that much of my work life I have missed. Sometimes I wonder how I could go from such a busy life to this almost dull life but I don’t mind the dull because for so many years it seemed like I was burning the candle at the top , bottom and in the middle. It finally got to me one day when I was thinking about my best friend and former boss Bob. He worked 50 years in the vending business then was kind a forced to retire. He lasted about 3 years and then sadly pass away. I just decided I wanted a few more years to be with my wife and do a little of things that I wanted to do rather than what someone else wanted me to do.

It didn’t take much for me to leave 44 years behind me and move on to the retired life of Reilly. It takes some adapting to do and the money follow is a quite a bit different than before. I knew that when I retired and I have no desire to return to sleep depraved life of before. This corona virus thing we are going through must be putting many of you in a position you didn’t much ask for or want. It’s bad enough that you can’t work maybe but on top of that you can’t hang out with your friends and some cases family either. I’m blessed in many ways because our bills are few and we are use to getting buy on our Social Security checks. If there is only you and the wife it might not be as complicated to figure out how to get by on limited funds. Let me give you a little hint at a way to save a few bucks when bucks are really limited. Our main meal is in the evening but it has been sneaking closer to noon as we get older here. We eat meals we like and ones that we can have leftovers 3 or 4 days in a row. Like tacos are one of our favorites and we can make some pretty mean tacos we’ll match with any taco house. They don’t cost much to make and delicious every night. We have been trying new soups this Winter and now into spring. I know that meals are just a small part of your day but yet why not eat things you like and if done right it can save you few dollars.

I was just thinking about this before I started writing because everyday we have friends and family struggling with different diseases at different times. Even during this time we have family and friends struggling with all the diseases we can think about. I don’t want to put those diseases in minor lights because they aren’t. Yet this corona virus we are all in the same battle together against this unseen enemy. Probably a lot of you and a long with me didn’t take this to seriously. In fact the day before they shut down the taverns and restaurants. I sat with a few friends sipping a beer. The next day everything came to screeching halt. For about a week we made some very limited trips a long with our sanitizing stuff in our car. But with each passing day and listening to the growing numbers corona virus cases everyday. My wife and myself have reach one conclusion that there is only one way we can defeat this disease without a massive disaster. We need to just limit our contact with anyone outside our own house. Now that same reasoning should go for you and your family. Each year we have things like the flu to go through our country but we have vaccines that help limit that impact. Yet even then many die for one reason or another of it. This is a completely different situation. For there is no prevention for this virus. No way to tell if your neighbor has it or a store clerk or anyone else. It’s passed through the air or touch and it has proven deadly for elderly in particular. But yet it has killed people in all age levels. This is a time to go to war and fight this virus from every agile and do our part to stay safe and not become a victim of this virus. Yes I know we miss our families , friends , buddies and we long those personal touches. But those are the touches that can kill you and kill the loved ones in your house. It is really rather simple you know kids and they love to touch things and you turn your back and they are gone to touch someone or something. An the only way to not to catch anything is to avoid those hugs and kisses until this passes. I’d rather lose my job or anything I have than lose my wife or family because we didn’t avoid contact until this passes down the road.

I find this is a good time to evaluate my life and take into consideration what is really important in life. Maybe you have been burning that candle at both ends and the middle. You been working hours that are killing you but avoiding the ones you love. Maybe it is time to see away make a change when you get back to work. I know what it takes for some people and that be for this virus to strike in the middle of their family. It shouldn’t take that though just listen to the horror stories of other families who have lost someone who was in good health one day and a few days later dead. This world’s nightmare can only end if we all do what we are told to do and avoid human to human contact. One more thing before I go I find this a good time to reflect on the blessings I do have and thank God for letting be live and to have lived as long as I have. If you don’t believe in God or prayer this would be a great time to start. Don’t know how ? It’s easy just like talking to dad or mom. It’s okay to vent your pains and frustrations. God gives us these times to chat with Him and yes even praise Him for all the blessing we have too. Enough already do your part stay home and stay safe wait it out.

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