Who Would Have Guessed ?

With the Corona virus causing havoc through out the world who would have guess or foreseen this crisis a year ago or even six months ago , Yet here we are hunkered down in our homes or perhaps trap in a hospital out of no fault of our own. We understand the need for separation to keep this pandemic from continuing its damning work. In this country we are in the middle of our Presidential pre-election campaigns . The Democratic side has narrow the field of candidates to basically two people and the incumbent side President has been packing stadiums to the rafters with people. All that now has come to a screeching halt as we watch and listen to our radios and TV’s describe and show the tragic scenes around the world.

It has taken a while for this new reality to set in for many of us, Perhaps it is because we don’t want to believe that all of the sudden our lives can go from a robust and thriving economy to stand still nothingness we have never seen before. Our President describes it as a battle against a invisible enemy and yes sometimes he shows anger at the enemy in his daily briefings to the American people. Some people have the nerve to call these briefing his personal show or about him. Yet the governors in each state are giving their daily updates in the same way. The media seems to live to find some error in what he says and jumps on anything he says as gospel word. They never put themselves in his shoes and think the way a leader thinks. You never hear one anchor say ” Here you have a President with a smoking economy and unemployment figures that haven’t been seen in decades and now it is down to crawl. Can you blame him for his itch to get by this pandemic and bring our economy back to a more normal state. ” You hear none of that just the blame game for things that no one seen coming down the road. It’s like you are on a normal trip some place and all the sudden you have semi’s careening down the road at you and you have to keep dodging them one after another.

In our life times we have seen wars , earth quakes and disasters but these things we can physically see and go to work on to end with physical muscle. This pandemic is just like our President describes it as a invisible enemy crawling through the streets of nations. I remember watching The Ten Commandment with Charlton Heston playing Moses. They had the scene were the plague that killed the first born of the Egyptian families. Of course they used a smoke of some kind slithering through the streets entering the houses of the Egyptians and killing their first born. This isn’t a movie though that we are dealing with. We aren’t sure exactly how this virus travels around world other than personal contact. How long it last on surfaces of things we touch or how long it stays in the air we breath. We can play this blame game or we can be part of the solution. If you are a producer of the medical supplies , you can just keep pumping them out as fast as you can while maintaining a safe environment to do so. If you are young or old stay home and hunker down. Quit burning gas and break out the table games and learning games and just let this thing pass. If you believe in God then pray just like our fore fathers did during times of plagues before us. God doesn’t put these things on our backs but allows them to happen like He allows everyday to happen. It might be a wake up call for a lot of people and it just shows us how fragile life is. I’m just thinking to myself what would have happen if our airports here and China had remained open. An we sat back and did nothing to stop people that were infected from traveling into our country. Grant you might not have foreseen the scale of this pandemic and we might not have had all the medical supplies we needed for a pandemic but to put the blame on anyone person or government premature at best. If there is one thing to be said the secrecy of the communist system has one big fault in it. It has failed to take into count the other nations around the world. It has failed to let us rally to take on this enemy of mankind from ground zero. Perhaps they didn’t recognize the scale of what they were up against or the dramatic consequences of failing to sound the alarm would do. Hopefully this is a eye opener for the Communist society that we are all in this great big round boat together with no place else to go or hide.

This is a time you figure out who your real enemies are and who is really prejudice and who isn’t. Most of us would not wish this on anyone even the people who hate us the most. Yet there are those that would do exactly that and my friends that is true evil in this world. There is something a lot different about disagreeing with someones point of view and wishing something physically to happen to them to get your way. It’s like two boys on the play ground playing marbles and one boy can’t seem to ever win a game. So instead of shaking it off after recess is over. The loser figures away out to steal the other boy’s marble bag inside and thinks he has beat the other that way. But in all reality all he has done is to become a thief. My friends in time like theses we need to pray for one another. To comfort one another. We need to step up to the plate and do whatever we can to help one and another. If we are the most vulnerable we need to do as our leaders have said and get out of the way and wait for calm that comes after a storm of such great magnitude. This is not a 9/11 experience because we knew someone sent those planes to take lives in America. This is a war of world proportion and no race, creed, faith or country is exempt. This is a time to unite the minds of the world to solve this problem. It is a time evaluate and set up a system that is prepared for the next pandemic coming down the road. It should not matter if these emergency supplies just sit there unused because sooner or later they will be needed. Perhaps a time line set up for those things that might deteriorate to be used and replace at intervals as need to keep them fresh. Finally once again no one could have guessed this pandemic was coming to our communities. Be a solver, a prayer warrior or just get the heck out of the way and weather the storm. Your opinions are always welcome. Praying for everyone !!

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