Grasping at Straws

I’ve been on long writer’s vacation because I’ve wanted to see how our political atmosphere is going to turn . I see that nothing really changes on the Democrat side of the isle . It continues to be the constant hate President Trump Democrats and media . The same people who ask President Trump before the primaries whether he would accept the out come of the election if he lost , haven’t accepted his winning more than 3 years after he won !! Most people in this country support freedom of the press and I believe President Trump does too . The press and politicians have tendency to treat people like they’re stupid and can’t read or understand what they are reading or hearing . There is one problem with that thinking it puts us all into a parent child relationship . I do mean a very young child relationship . When we are in our adolescents parents know children are still learning new things about life . The media treats it’s readers and watchers like those same adolescents . I believe that most people won’t fault the media at having personal bias . We all have a bias of our own after all . Yet isn’t providing the news or what is happening suppose to be a none bias thing and letting the readers or watchers make up their own minds ? From what I can see and read that isn’t the case in modern journalistic thinking . When you can read or watch almost every source and the words said don’t vary hardly at all . You begin to see a pattern of trying to control what people think . And a pattern of close minded thinking . We have no objections to editors editorializing in their opinions on news of the day . But when that same editorializing starts on the front page and never varies we object . We have a problem .

Since early in President Trump’s term in office it has been one continuing grasping at straws and continuing harassment on anything and everything his administration does . He has kept his promises and the Democrats have kept there’s to harass him all the way. On the one’s he hasn’t kept he basically doesn’t have the control completely to himself . We see the true colors of the media and Democrat bias sticking out like a person hit by a Mack truck . Watching the networks is like watching The View 24/7 . They have special people assigned to read President Trump’s tweets and watch his movements all day everyday . Everything is responded to and usually almost perfectly in line with Democratic point of view . We hear how President Trump is the most corrupted President we’ve ever had but always said with no proof and no evidence to back up those claims . Perhaps President Trump could be more humble sometimes but what the other side wants him to do is put a noose around his neck and end their misery . When you are in the game of politics it’s a game of promises and a game that is mostly flat out lies . What the public is use to is both parties make a bunch of promises and the one that wins burns their promises and has a brain blockage trying to remember anything they promised. It has not been so with President Trump . He has followed through where others just provided lip service . The move of our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is something that had been promised by other President’s but it never happened . President Trump did it . He promised tax reform and tax cuts and he worked with Congress to get it done . He promised more spending on Defense and reform on Veteran Administration promises kept . With a on going challenge is the economy of course and depending on who you listen to we are either winning or losing that battle . The United States Canada and Mexican trade agreement is settled . Japan trade deal is settled . The China trade agreement is partially settled . Yes , I suppose tariff are making some of us pay more in the stores on certain things . But what China calls fair trade hasn’t been fair trade if you look at the amount we buy from them compared to the amount they buy from us . Employment is up and the best since 1969 and unemployment is down . Minorities are getting the best numbers in history and women are getting a better shake on the jobs front too . Yet all you here from the bias media is bad news and no credit at all for anything President Trump has done . They don’t care if he has brought back jobs in manufacturing or we are now a exporter of energy instead of a importer of it . If a plant closes it is big news but coming in then it goes to the back page or not acknowledge at all . So be it though and will battle it out at the polls in November 2020 .

I haven’t touch on the last thing after the Mueller hoax and waste of 40 million dollars . Now it is the impeachment for all the things that every President has done since George Washington . A none partisan vote to impeach President Trump on articles that wouldn’t see the light of day in any court except for a Democrat court . The do nothing Democrats are of course claiming they have done something but nothing that could pass in the Senate . I have no doubt the Democrats will continue to grasp at their paper straws and to continue to lie cheat and maybe try to steal the 2020 election because they have no ideas that help America . The media which more and more looks like a Russian Pravda run network which hasn’t told the truth in years . You could call the bias media The Democrat Socialist Pravda Network and you wouldn’t be to far off base . Well I offer my points of view . My opinions are they plagiarized ? I don’t think so even though many of you might think the same things . Your opinions are always welcome and encouraged .

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