What this World lacks is Vision

Have you ever asked yourself what is missing in this world? I know that great leaders have a Vision on what they want to accomplish. Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, or any great leader had a Vision of what they want to accomplish in their time in history. I believe that is what is lacking sometimes in the people who say they want to lead us in our communities, states and our nation. We were created with Vision in mind. Granted God had the perfect Vision but God gave us a freedom in that Vision of His. A freedom to obey and keep our mangy hands off a pretty fruit or eat it and die. We know the results and we live it out everyday. Yet that is what our fore bares did and it is beyond our control. So it is but yet we are still a people with a Vision for tomorrow even though we might not live another second.

Well let’s talk Vision for a while today. We can sit around and complain about things all day everyday. What does that do? Yea, it does nothing but makes you miserable and anxious. I read about the great inventors and the Visions they had as they worked to invent the things we take for granted everyday. I also read the stories behind those inventions of failures one after another until their final victory. We read about great leaders who came forward in times when countries and even the world was in great turmoil. We see them stepping up to the plate and risking their reputation, time, family well being and even their very health. I read about their not so perfect lives and opposition that they over came. We need that now in our leaders in our nation, our businesses and in our personal lives.

The first question out of a reporters mouth when they interview someone that wants to serve their community, state or nation should be. What is your Vision in what you are about to do? What do you picture for making things better than it is right now? That is one thing I thought Hillary Clinton failed to address. She had a Barack Obama Vision and not her own defined Vision. We should be very careful of choosing people who only have the party line Vision for whatever office they run for. For the Vision of the party view means they come working for the party not the people that voted for them. This of course is my personal point of view. But a person with their own Vision can sometime see the errors of their predecessor no matter if they are in the same party.

Let’s talk about personal Vision and really the reason I write this little blog today. I listen to the environmentalist, climate change people complain and blame every problem we have somehow on man. I know that yes we pollute this world, we live in and somehow without a second thought. I sat in McDonald’s today with my wife and watch some people nonchalantly sit in the drive thru waiting lane and throw the garbage on the floor of their car into the bushes. I wanted to just run outside and tell those people off. I wanted to make them pick it up and tell them they were lazy people. If it wasn’t for the fear in my wife’s eyes and what she said I would have. In our day you never know who might just blow you away even if they are in the wrong. I know my Vision for people controlling their thinking and doing the right thing is out of my control. Yet I do have a Vision for somehow that the world will unite to figure out away to invent away to make plastics that are able to be recycled and even when it isn’t it still will do no harm to our earth. A little bigger Vision than that though. That it will be able to be done economically and easily. I know that man can do it we just need to unite and work day and night until it is done. We see climate change people complaining about the carbon factor. Perhaps we do take a lot of oxygen out of our atmosphere by our construction of buildings highways, housing and all our energy use. Yet if you took a science class in school you know that plants produce oxygen. Why isn’t that a world wide objective to create green space a long with all new construction. I just see new taxes and high cost out of the climate change complainers. I see no Vision just away to make a few people or governments rich and no Vision for change. What do you think is there a lack of Vision in this world or maybe a lack of people willing to take the risk of stepping up to the plate? Where are the Elon Musk’s who want to clean up our world rather than race off to Mars? Your views or opinions are always appreciated. Take me to the cleaners, I’ve been there a few times in my 73 years.

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