The Reality of China Tariffs

The reality of the China tariffs to a lot of Americans might be very puzzling and pretty scary too. We know as consumers that many of the products on our store shelves are made in China. Many of the things that start up businesses have made are produced in China but not because they can’t be made here in the USA. It’s a matter of cost and the ability to mass produce. It really has been a god send for inventors of new products and specialty things that can’t be made here because the cost and profit margins are to high. These are the guys I feel sorry for but the big businesses that have bought into this idea that somehow China is going to let you come into their country and make vast amounts of money I don’t feel to bad for. First place China isn’t a democratic republic like us. Seconded they aren’t going to let massive amounts of money leave their country. They have one goal and that is to dominate this world militarily and economically. They think they have it figured out or at least they did until President Trump came on the scene. President Nixon in 1972 broke open relationship with China. Since then there has been a steady flow of progress in trade but mostly one way with the balance working in the Chinese favor. President Trump has tried to get them to even that field some with removal of some tariffs on goods that we have had less tariffs on than they did on ours. Probably what really pisses them off more is having President Trump calling them on there thief of trade secrets and technology.

The reality is exactly that though they don’t want to admit to that but to continue on the way it has been going with them inviting companies in taking their trade secrets and still not opening their markets to imports. They have a population of 1.4 billion people and the need to employ people is great. Yet that right there lights up the dollar signs in the eyes of foreign companies and governments. Only one thing these countries have forgotten China isn’t a open society were you can’t just buy something on a whim They also haven’t considered that China isn’t going to allow massive amounts of their money to leave China. The problem with the liberal thinkers in our society is they think that somehow China is playing fair. We all like cheap electronics and household products but at what cost are we willing to continue this game of uneven trade. How long do we watch rockets and jets streak into space and the skies with the technology stolen from us? How long do watch goods we have produce here, copied in China and sold back to us? To top that off not only do they copy the products but they put our people out of work.

President Trump isn’the first one to sound the alarm on this imbalance of trade or the thief of our technology. But he is probably the first to consider this a threat to our national security and a threat to the balance of power in the world. Plus he is the first world leader to recognize the motive behind China’s quest to dominate the world in trade and military power.

President Nixon perhaps opened Pandora’s box and now President Trump is trying to shove it back on a bit. Business in China are not like businesses here. The competition isn’t the same BECAUSE THERE IS NONE! Here if you over produce you cut back or lay off workers. In China you keep pumping out product. You have workers to keep busy. Our societies are different because we have a free one and they do not. You start to protest in China. You just aren’t heard about again. Here unless you cause property damage or personal injury life goes on. The reality is are they willing to negotiate on tariffs and stop the technology thief or just suffer the lost of our American buying power. How much of their pride are they willing to swallow? See other places in the world can make the things we get from China. We can survived without the China’s market. Before their market opened up we survived. There in is our ace in the hole and that is one thing President Trump should make sure that the Chinese leadership should understand. If your game is dominate us, steal our trade secrets and not play on a level field. Then we don’t need you as a trading partner. That should have been the beginning rules when they were allowed to come into our markets.

Will these tariffs change the direction China is taking with its picture of trade with America? Will there pride and the picture of other greedy Americans that don’t see President Trump’s vision make them try to wait out Trump’s terms in office? I believe we are about ready to find out. Between that and pressures from farm groups on the American side. For the farm trade has really been the bright side on the America side. We will see. Agree or disagree feel free.

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