Great American Mind Readers

There seems to be a very obvious thing that is happening in our society today. When you read almost any paper it isn’t news. It is guess work. Reading the tea leafs. Flat bogus writing to sell you a story. Let’s step back to 2016 or perhaps the day Donald J. Trump walked down the steps at Trump tower to announce his candidacy for the run for the President of the United States. There wasn’t a news media out there that gave him a chance. I thought he had a chance and I intended on voting for Ted Cruz in our caucus here in Iowa. Then I check Donald Trump on my voting slip. He came in second in Iowa. Even with that second place finish the media gave him a snow balls chance in hell of winning. He wins New Hampshire and still main media no chance. It didn’t matter how large the crowds were at his campaign stops or the amount of small donations his campaign was getting from the little guys. The Great American Mind Readers. The New York Times, Washington Post and about 90% of the other papers, radio and TV news programs never gave up their negative reporting or their hate for Donald J. Trump even during the convention hoping a miracle would come their way.

The Great American Mind Readers got into the full swing of telling their readers and listeners that Donald J. Trump couldn’t possibly win and Hillary Clinton was their choice. Only couple polls gave Donald J Trump a chance they wrote it off as bogus. Because they weren’t the New York Times or CNN. The Great America Mind Readers didn’t stop their readings right up too the 9:00 pm est. when Donald J. Trump started to blow their weak little minds with winning the 2016 Presidential election. They stalled beat around the bush, cried, complained and cussed to no avail.

You can run your clock forward to 2019. It’s been almost 3 years of constant hate President Donald J. Trump. The Great America Mind Readers have gambled every possible editorial, article and broadcast on Russian Collusion and The Mueller Report. Yet even after The Mueller Report showed no Collusion The Great American Mind Readers continue with their theory of President Trump’s Obstruction of Justice. Our nation proceeds into a count down to the 2020 Presidential Election with 24 Democrats battling it out for their nomination for the Democrat spot to run against President Trump in November 2020. The Great American Mind Readers are still hard at work supporting any kind and all kinds of hate and unproven things about President Trump or anyone associated with him and his supporters. Journalism has been completely been flushed down the toilet. They continue to trash anyone that supports the President in anyway. The 63,000,000 voters that voted for President Trump are the target of The Great American Mind Readers and their put downs continue with no regrets. President Trump could cure all the killer diseases in the world and they’d still hate him because he won’t kiss their hind end and do things their way. The Great America Mind Readers have been around for many years and it really hasn’t been as obvious to a lot of people who these Mind Readers are. Will The Great American Mind Readers convince the American people that President Trump is the biggest phooey in history, biggest liar, worst person created and all around bad guy?

The whole point to this is that The Great American Mind Readers aren’t only spewing this guess work as news but they are trying to Read the American peoples minds to figure out what will stick. The Great American Mind Readers think the American public are stupid and don’t know what’s good for them. Will the Great American Mind Readers be able to pull off this hoax off or will President Donald J. Trump be victorious on November 3, 2020. That is the $64,000.00 question ? You may disagree with this picture I’ve painted. Feel free to comment and take me to task.

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