Is there a Rattle in the Press

Recently I received my renewal for our newspaper subscription. I looked at it once and then twice just to make sure my eyes were seeing right. I’m not a old prude who isn’t use to seeing price increases. Yet from $69.00 to $112.00 is a pretty steep jump. I know they offer all those lovely ads on Sunday’s and the never ending Kohl’s ad through out the week. Plus they offer the people in this small city a local insert once a week. They bought our local paper and offer our city news. That is only for six months plus the digital version each day.

Most people who read our local paper will tell that its got a New York Times or CNN slant to its reporting and editorials. People are different in responding to this digital age. I prefer a Paper White and my wife the physical book or paper in her hands. Advertisers see the cost of printed ads going up and digital internet advertising reach more people. Advertiser aren’t stupid and they see reaching more customers as a wise decision. Just maybe the future for the news business is the digital kingdom. I’m not even sure they can be saved that way. They’ll probably still have their bias reporting and know it all attitudes. When will either papers or broadcast news learn all we want is the news accurately and straight forward. We aren’t from the boondocks of Australia and too stupid to form our own opinions.

The death rattle of printed news might just be in the offing because the majority of newspapers are subscribe to by people that are retired or about to retire. Unless you have some great pension fund your income does take a hit when you retire. Figuring out how to budget you expenses becomes a time consuming task. The digital paper won’t survive if their one sided reporting doesn’t change. Many people have quit just because of that one fact. I really don’t want to see the end of the news print business but we know a lot of the news it brings is a day late. Some very hard decisions are coming for many papers around this country and that is a fact not a dream. Buggy whips, tube television and phones on the walls are evidence of what progress has done and will continue to do. Adapt, modify, change something because the writing isn’t on paper to much anymore. Your opinions are appreciated as always.

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