Appreciation of Old Customers

Good morning once again. Thought I’d choose one of my pet peeves to write about today. It always gets to me how our American economy works. Customer appreciation is very strange. How we treat customer loyalty. In this modern day of competition for new customers. The one that has been your loyal customers seems to be the forgotten ones. I never thought I’d see the day that Sears and Roebucks would come within an eyelash of closing their doors. It could still happen and you can blame online shopping or more competition and any number of reasons. I think they like many others have forgotten their base customers and didn’t continue to build on it. Then you have to look at the modern shopper and adapt to the way they shop or you have lost them. Greed gets in the way some because you want those retail prices. I look at Sears and that is what I see greed trying to keep those retail dollars rolling in rather than adapting to the competitive nature of the business climate around them. Believe me, I get it but you see customers aren’t the dummies business people think we are. Pretty hard to beat a business that has no building to heat, rent to pay, sales taxes to charge, security to pay, etc., etc. Oh, there is a limited amount of that to pay if you operate an online business but people are willing to sit at home order a product and even pay the sales tax for convenience sake. But let’s get back to the subject of the day Customer Appreciation or the lack thereof.

Here you are sitting in your nice home or apartment and you are a loyal customer of Joe Blow Cable Service for 2o years. I use a generic name but you just pick one they all operate about the same. We sit here and watch them offer new customers the same service we have for a quarter of the price we pay for a month. Yes, we understand the need for new customers to use their services and we like the product they sell. Well for the most part. Okay then where does the Customer Appreciation come into the mix. That is the problem there is NONE. Unless you say that a 5% increase in your bill that comes around once a year like clockwork. Maybe it is the penalty you have to pay if you quit their service before your contract is up because their service is so GREAT. Maybe it is that phone call you get or letter that offers you those premium channels FREE for 2 months ( don’t forget to cancel or you pay $30 more a month after that). Oh, heck surly we appreciate your loyal use of our product so much ( will you please bend over and receive your reward.)

Sorry folks the day of Customer Appreciation is a pipe dream and these same people will be like Sears wondering where we went when the internet gobbles us up. There should be some really deep thinking in these large companies and I could name them but why bother. They know who they are and they know the problem. And the government isn’t going to save their butts either. Until these companies figure out Customer Appreciation we will continue to play switcheroo and change every few years to get a little price break that you can only get as a NEW Customer. Meanwhile wasting mailings to your current Customers and showing them what a great deal you’ll give a new customer to show them how much you appreciate there loyal use of your product. Dumb!!!!!!!!

I could write a lot more about what we pay for slow internet service here compared to customers in other countries, but why complain they know they are taking advantage of us. Don’t believe me ask some of your friends overseas how much they pay and how fast their internet is. Enough for today my opinions about burnt out for the day. I’d make a few suggestions but when you call their great Customer Service line and get the run around you to know how much they listen and care. Have a great day. I Appreciate your feedback.

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