The Theory of the Five Per Center’s

When someone tells you that it only takes 5 percent of the people to ruin a perfectly good day, most of us believe it. I’m not sure about the modern grade school but when I was growing up it only took a few wise guys to ruin a whole classes day. A few people acting out meant the whole class stayed inside during recess.

Well time goes on and you soon learn that no matter what walk of life you go through, the 5 per centers are still relevant in your life. Of course there are the good ones and the bad ones. The good 5 per centers are the leaders who want to move things along and make things better for everyone. The bad 5 per centers are there with a monkey wrench to throw into the spokes and bring progress to a screeching halt. If you are blessed you figure out who the bad 5 per centers are and you stay as far away as you can from them. Sometimes you fail to figure out who it is and get caught on the wrong side. You get over it and learn from it and move on.

Most of us are in the middle not a good 5 per center or a bad 5 per center. We are trying to navigate our ways through life. Just because you aren’t leading doesn’t mean anything bad and there are times we are the leaders. It just isn’t our natural talent.

We get older and we soon see that some of those bad 5 per centers have gotten into the leadership position. Places where they can cause trouble for society as a whole. They learn how to manipulate others and hide the mischief they do. The reason I’m writing this is that we can see through out history how just a few bad 5 per center’s can cause major world problems or even major problems in your state or city. Many times you will see projects that are expensive. A few people will talk us into doing it the cheap way. We all like saving money but sometime the most expensive way is the best way and it will last for centuries. If we built roads like the Rome’s built roads our roads would out last us. But since we don’t and we want to get the roads built (in a reasonable time frame) we go cheap. It only takes a few to sway a project from great to mediocre.

So there are two groups of these 5 per center’s at times trying to sway the other 95 percent to there thinking. I often wonder how many people in Germany were actually fully behind Hitler’s quest for domination in the way Hitler saw things. I think the bad 5 per center’s convinced so many to there side and once it got started fear of stepping into stop its direction was to much. I’ve always thought in a lot of cases throughout history, how your leaders went so did your country go. This is of course just my opinion and in this case I might just change the title to ” The Theory of the 5 Per Center’s ” . I believe that is a better title for this blog.

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