The Problem with One Sided Journalism

My best subject in school was always history and even to this day I find history of all kinds fascinating to read and study. If you study correctly with a open mind you’ll study all sides of it. We have had wars for as long as we’ve been around. There are always two side to a war and sometimes multi able causes for them. History is a opportunity to learn the reasons why they happened. Then perhaps figure out ways to keep another war from happening again. History shows the deep divides between cultures and the good and evil in our human nature. A good history book will not choose sides or tell you who was right or wrong but will explain all sides in the historical setting.

Current history is what is happening of course right now as I write this. The hardest thing to get is a none bias story on today’s current events. In a fast moving society where things can be reported almost as it happens it can be hard to keep up with it and get at the truth. The laziness of the modern writers shows in the plagiarism. Shows in reading and listening to what is said and written. You would think that writers would be embarrassed but it doesn’t phase them a bit. Journalism and history writing has taken a step backward and real journalism is becoming a lost profession.

My point is this one sided journalism isn’t journalism at all. It is a disservice to the readers and viewers. With one of the most expensive investigation into the lives of our President. his family, his staff past and present it is time to find out why it was brought forward. And on who’s word it was started on. For history’s sake if nothing else the answers should be brought out. The unrestricted answers the American voters have a right to know. We the public have seen the fake news and real news to the point of turning off the news altogether. On some stations any other news story was set on the back burner each day for opinionated BS without any conclusion from Mueller or the Justice Departments. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican how this last 2 and half years was played out and for what reasons need to be answered. The real journalist who do the real investigating to come up with news have been castrated by the way this investigation was handled and reported to the Congress and to the public. This is just my opinion and to tell you the absolute truth if it was President Hillary Clinton instead of President Trump I’d write the same thing. Justice and fairness hasn’t been served. It needs to be for our Countries sake and history’s sake.

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