Just Throw it in the Fan

I read through the headlines each day and I think the most important thing writers are trying to do is get a rise out of us. It doesn’t matter if there is any truth to their writing or if the facts are correct. Just throw it in the fan and let the stuff splatter on the wall. For a long time it seemed that they copied each other, especially on the TV media. It didn’t matter which network you watch on the main stories of the day the conclusions were the same. People have caught on to that and switch channels or tuned them out.

So now agenda has changed some in order to draw attention to themselves by making statements that are off the wall. Draw controversy and try to get a reaction out of your listeners or perhaps who you are talking about. The object isn’t to be relevant but to draw attention. We call it Fake News!

What it has actually done is to have forced people to be more selective on what network they watch, papers they read and articles they read on Microsoft Edge or Google News. On Friday I believe Sarah Sanders announced her leaving from the White House. Could the media let her leave in peace or was it going to get nasty. The folks at CNN had to of course give her the worst grades you ever get and all there hatred came out tenfold. This was bigger news that Iran trying to blow up oil tankers or anything else in the world of news. For CNN the news of Sanders leaving the White House is good for a week of speculation and guessing about whether Acosta will be harassed by the next White House News Secretary. Well I got news for them they are the number one Fake News people so getting the floor isn’t going to get easier, Acosta is a bully who thinks he is more important than anyone else. President Trump or Sarah didn’t have to tell the public that.

One last thing before I quit this opinion article today. We know that the news media treats the things they record like a photographer treats a picture. Photo Shop is a cool feature but when it comes to recordings and moving words around it isn’t. It’s a bad thing but that is how the game is played. Treat the public like we are just all stupid and don’t understand that mainstream media has a agenda. It is to make President Trump look bad in anyway and all ways they can. So you really want to know why CNN audience share has dropped 26 % ? Pretty easy really the lies have caught up with them and outrages things they say are finally sticking but for CNN that’s not good. Same goes for MS NBC and the other Fake News people. Your sh– is hitting the fan but read this we aren’t reading or watching.

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