Rolling Out the Red Carpet

I’m betting that you can’t guess what this article is all about. We roll out the Red Carpet for heads of State, for movie stars at the award shows and many special occasions. What I’m going to write about is way off those happenings.

You see some of our politicians want to make voting a vote for Red Carpet treatment. Promises or statements on what some politicians say they are going to work for or give is literally unbelievable. I really call it trying to buy votes. Promises of free college, Medicare For All, free checks and the list keeps growing. Dealing in the area of ideas they have none. Like a bunch snake oil sales people of old. Well perhaps as they roll out the red carpet and give away the store they don’t control people will understand all the lies. Paying for all the free will bankrupt America but then that is there goal make us all depend on the Federal government. We don’t want to forget killing babies doesn’t matter. Your guns they want and they will have the guns and we won’t. It is screw unions and open borders. It’s free speech unless you have a different view on things other than their’s. Compromise means there way none of yours or anyone else matter.

One last thing watch out if their Red Carpet roll works a lot of people are going to get hurt !

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