Who Are We Protecting?

Those words searching for justice seem to jump out of the pages of news I read everyday. We hear those same cries for justice on all our media everyday. Sometimes we wonder who we are protecting, those who have been wronged or the ones who did the wrong.

I come from a Catholic family and was raised by Catholic parents. I went to Catholics schools for 11 years. I was a alter boy and a Boy Scout for about 6 of those years. Ill state this right up front I never was once touch by any member of clergy unjustifiably in anyway. So the things I’ve read in the last ten years or so have been hard for me to understand. We live in a world were evil is prevalent in almost all parts of life. So why not in the Churches too. That is a hard reality to shallow for some of us.

A harder reality to swallow is who is the Church protecting, The victims or the perpetrators? That really is hard to figure out. We understand were some of the charges of misconduct are 40 and 50 years old. Yet at the same time the Church response when complaints were brought was to just to move these individuals to another church or somewhere out of sight. Then you see the Pope asking people to forgive and asking prayers for healing. I do get that and understand that these people need forgiveness. I also understand that a great amount of money has been poured out to individuals harmed by these clergy members.

Something still seems to be missing in the way churches handle this revelation of clergy abuse of our children and in some cases vulnerable older individuals in our churches. I know that it has to be effecting the collection plates in churches but more over it shakes our faith in our leadership within the walls of the church. These Godly people who preach that Jesus saves, who sit there and say that abuse is wrong. Yet don’t give us a definitive answer to what they are doing to keep this from happening the best you can. We know that nothing can be a 100 percent fool proof, but to least say that your instructions in your seminaries is too all individual if your mind is on anything other than bringing glory to God . You should leave and not let the door hit you in the butt.

One last thing churches and not just Catholic churches , you should read this next very carefully. I don’t want to be a prophet but so I shall be in what I say next. Leaders in all churches both clergy and lay leaders you have a choice clean your congregations up and show the integrity you should have. For if you don’t God will because it isn’t your church but it is God’s.

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