Winners Don’t have to Play the Losers Games

Within the last 3 days Hillary Clinton announce the death of here younger brother Tony Rodham. Then I start reading all this ugly stuff from people on Facebook. I just do not get the lack of compassion of people in our society today.

I get what has been done to President Trump, his family and anyone associated with them in the last 2 years plus. That doesn’t excuse the other side from stooping to their level of hatred and not showing compassion for the Clinton family in a time of personal lost of a family member. Like I said winners don’t have to play the losers games. We should be above the hatred and leave the personal stuff out of our bones we have to pick with our political rivals. What comes around goes around. We know that is a true statement. If what has been happening for last 2 years plus is a lie, then we will press for the answers from the courts. The justification isn’t going to come from the press either written or broadcast media.

We do extend our condolences to the Clinton’s and Rodham family for there lost of there loved one. We pray that they will receive comfort from those around them and our God and Father of all of us.

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