Why is Making America Great Again So bad?

Here I sit with my Make America Great Again hat on and I can’t wear it outside my own home. It be like carrying a AK-47 down the street. I’m not radical or racist. I can’t even think of one person I hate. I’ve only used the N-word when I was kid in a nursery rime. I just don’t get what is wrong with making America Great Again. Yet I do have a few theories on why the left thinks it is so bad.

I get why the left didn’t want to see Donald J. Trump to become the next President. Probably just like I didn’t want Barack Obama to become President. Well that much is okay in either case. Yet to turn a campaign slogan into some kind of a racist symbol is crazy in my mind. What President wouldn’t want America to be great again or at least great. What country leader in the world wouldn’t want his country to be great in the world?

So if that isn’t wrong or it is wrong because President Trump came up with it, then there must be more to it. Just maybe the left and the media look at the way President Trump has reversed a lot of things Obama did and they think he’s wrong. They liked a constant 5% unemployment rate, a black unemployment rate of at least double that. Maybe they like 6.8 million people on food stamps. Perhaps it is the fact that President Trump came with in a whisker of getting rid of the Affordable Care Act. Maybe it is because he got his tax cuts through Congress. And the liberal states now can’t subsidize there tax system at the expense of the rest of the country. Could it be that some companies are really bringing jobs back to this country when Obama said it couldn’t be done. It really is funny to me how liberal think our taxes belong to them and we should let them piss it away on the dandelions and bee pollination. I’m sure that bees are important but not sure if the tax payers should fund it. Could it be that President Trump has kept his promises, he made while campaigning ?

At least we know with no doubt that the media is liberal and it isn’t cloaked in anyway there true bias stands out for all to see. I knew many years ago but some people had there doubts. But no more doubting the hate is in full bloom.

Maybe you are asking what President Trump really means by ” Make America Great Again “. I believe he means bring back the idea that we are a great country, we want everyone to work, we want a fair tax system, a country were you can walk the streets safely, a prison system which is fair to all, a country were you can find work if you want to work, a health care system second to none and the right to worship God or not. I ask you what is wrong with that. What is wrong though is 535 members of Congress with bank accounts larger than most Americans will ever see. Free health care for them, pension fund that most of us don’t have. They make laws they don’t have to partake in like ACA. They get richer while they are in office and treat it like it’s a job.

What Makes America Great Again is something President Trump sees in us and we see in him. We are not all cookie cutter American’s willing to go with the crowd and do anything just because some of our leaders say it is the right. President Trump is willing to try things a little differently in order to make a difference. He isn’t one to say it has been done this way for generations, so we should just continue doing things the same old way. He has challenged the leaders in Congress and in our cities to try things differently. Cities like Chicago who he has challenged to make changes in order to stem the tide of the killings. I believe because he is willing to be different and not deal in the Swamp and with the Establishment. He sees what we see waste and duplication of services and people in office to long. Working for themselves and not the people they represent. For those that say term limits are a bad thing for Congress then term limits are a bad thing for Presidents. But you will not see the agreement on that from your Congressional representatives because they want control of the purse strings. This is all opinion but Making America Great Again isn’t a bad thing because with American innovation the world is a better place to live! Again !

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