In Search of a Good Journalist

Sometime I miss the days of old fashion news reporting. The guy who would get up at 2 am or 3 am and rush out to cover news story to get it to us before our breakfast cooled off. I’m in the Midwest in the middle of America and as a kid I use to deliver those morning papers. The days before the disappearance of Johnny Gosh which forever changed how our paper were delivered.

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a great journalist anymore. It looks like a bunch of copy and paste papers anymore. One of our great journalist has in the last few years been forced to retire. He was probably a reporter when I was a boy delivering papers. With age came both reporting news and beating the bushes for stories that would be interesting to his readers. Bill Wundram is in his 90’s now and I’ll bet still wanting to be out there beating the bushes. Age has its away of taking its toll on things especially your mobility.

We like our new technology and probably today a reporter or Journalist uses a Smart Phone for his or her typewriter. The Smart Phone might be used for the front page picture taking too. All sent to the news room with the push of a button. Bill Wundram I miss you. And sometimes the days of old flash through my mind of neighborhoods at 4:00 am on my bike. Delivering the morning news. I’ll keep reading the paper and praying it somehow has a rebirth. But a Bill Wundram is just a one of a kind I know. While I got you here all the pictures I use are all non-copyrighted. Thanks for reading and your opinions and comments are always welcome.

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