Just Not a Ordinary Father

Father Day fast approaches in two weeks but if I wait to write this my mind will some how not come up with the same thoughts . It’s hard to believe he has been gone 32 years but that is so. He may have pass on but his influence is still showing up in my life each day.

Some people will say that because your dad was a drunk that you are bound to be one too. I’ve always thought that you learn from your father and mother. I know I’m blessed to have had both. But no matter who raises you as a child you can pick and choose the things you want to carry on. So if your father was a drunk. You can choose not to carry that trait forward. I really never knew my dad was a Boy Scout until I choose to become one. Yet I was probably just the opposite kind of Scout than my dad was. He made Eagle Scout and I made First Class. It was okay with him and I went in for the fun and not all the badges and stuff.

He was rough on me sometimes and yes my butt got redden more that a few times. What I saw him do day in and day out has helped me through all my life. He never gave up when things got tough. Through 5 heart attacks and by pass surgery. He recovered and went back to work. Did I mention 8 kids and mom. I think I just bypass that didn’t I. He understood his responsibilities and he was a very good influence at least on me. I hopefully learned to emulate his good traits and the bad one set aside some place. There are things you miss about your parents and things you don’t. But we aren’t given a book on fatherhood or motherhood. You wing it so to speak and you make mistakes. You pray your son’s and daughter’s will forgive for your mistakes. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing and I don’t believe that forgiveness necessarily means you forget what has happen to you. It means at least to me someone doesn’t necessarily understand the things they done to hurt you. Some people never can seem to let go of the past. Forgiveness releases you from the past. Your lesson is not repeating the same mistakes as your father or mother. How my father ever managed to provide for the 9 of us I’ll never quite understand. I know he did it with far more patience than I’d have.

I could write for hours about my dad. Some people thought we were poor but we were very rich in our draw on who we got for parents. We might have had a coal furnace for years after most people changed to Natural gas yet it heated the house. We didn’t have the fancy clothes or a new car every few years. We had parents who believed in God and lead by example. You see I’m just one of 8 kids and we were all unique . We all learned different things in different ways. My faith in God stands out because of my parents. Yet I have siblings that faith doesn’t seem to stand out so much. I say that and I really hope I’m wrong. You live your own life and you can’t live your brothers or sisters life too. I believe my father got a well done from his Creator the day he stepped through those pearly gates. He gave it all at least in my eyes and his failing are forgiven. I’ll always love my dad. His good, his bad and ugly. I look forward to meeting him once again in our home in God’s house.

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