In the Search of Fame

In search of fame I believe is a reason for a lot of the mass killings. We regretfully give these crazies exactly what they are looking for. Our justice system is slow and the death penalty is all but gone . Somehow getting your name in the history books is a rush in the minds of these crazy people . Perhaps it is a thought if I’m going to die I may as well put my name on the front page and in the history books. The solutions for this continued craziness calls for more security in all our schools, work places, public places, banning guns and the list goes on. The debate is never ceasing and after a mass shooting it is good for a couple days if not weeks of talk on CNN.

i believe we give these crazies exactly what they crave FAME ! I purpose a nationally we limit this fame game. Give them no name fame at all. Yes recognize the victims but the doer of the crime gets no television time. No mention of there name and no use of there name in print, radio or any news source. A unmarked grave anyplace they are buried. Time to cut the fame game out and make it so these crazies never were born. There day in lights shouldn’t be helped by news media, Federal, state or city governments. Maybe we should just number them like this crazy #1, crazy #2 and so forth. These crazies plan these killing and some don’t care if they die but some give up as soon as they are challenged. Yet neither deserve there names in lights or books written about them or anything else. They have taken the lives of innocent people who will be grieved for years and years to come. I’m not sure how others feel or think. I purpose this no matter how these crazies decide to cause these mass deaths. You use a knife, baseball bat or by any means, that there day of fame shell be treated without the use of there name. No page in the history books for them, a unmarked grave. You might say I don’t respect the parents that brought these crazies into this world. It isn’t that but the need for society to not glorify these killings is more important that family feeling. Your opinions are welcome !

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