Getting Roasted in one easy Lesson

It does’t take much in our society today to get roasted. The sensitivity of people seem to me to be at all time high point. There isn’t much that you can comment on without getting a firestorm of critics jumping down your throat. I remember the first time a guy was joking with me and said ” You know what burns my ass? ” Then he hold his hand out about butt high and say ” A flame this high. “ Pretty funny at the time . Yet in today’s picture you’d see a guy or gal incinerate because that sense of humor has gone completely out the window and taken a jet to the North Pole.

Case in point is our current President Trump. There is nothing he can do without someone in the press burning him at the stake. It’s like anything he says or does someone is ready to strike the match under his butt. I will give him credit though were a lot of people won’t . That is he keeps trying to do his sworn duty to protect the American people. That is his job in a nut shell to protect us the everyday citizens against all enemies foreign and domestic. Now you may not think that but then you might not look at the big picture. For a example you might think his immigration ideas suck. Okay no problem but in the big picture every person who crosses our borders brings with them a cost factor. They have to stay somewhere, have to eat and have to use resources to survive. When you have one side that has it head in the sand when you see hundreds of people being gather up by the border patrol something is really wrong. Yes, we understand the politics of the situation. If you give President Trump his WALL then he wins. Then come up with a better idea that can pass the muster and help the situation. We get your point and it is very clear you hate President Trump. Fine then hate him but do your job and it isn’t playing the Justice Department.

My last point is this. President Trump keeps on trying things to do his job to protect our country. He is doing his job right or wrong at least he is trying something. What is happening on the other side is gathering firewood to have another roast each time he does absolutely anything. Instead of gathering your wood for another roast, you need to put your heads together and figure out away to be part of the solution and not the problem. This is just one old man’s point of view. What is yours ?

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