Are Tariffs Going to Kill Us ?

Before the world of taxes this country survived on tariffs. We protected our jobs supported our government with money from tariffs. We taxed or used tariffs on both imports and selected exports. With the need for armed forces a more even way of paying for those things was enacted, namely the income tax on individuals. Tariffs today are lot more complicated than they use to be and there has been a resistance to using them because of the response in kind from the countries whose goods are tariffed.

There are those that think the tariff on the product we receive from China is going to do untold damage on our American economy. Yet we have been on the losing side of the business with the Chinese for years. The dream of a giant new market place for American goods hasn’t materialized but the dumping and pumping of China’s products have filled our shelves in our stores. In some cases, it has been dumping and I mean dumping literally. The steel plants in China have been pumping out steel and flooding our markets with cheaper steel than we can make. Our steel industry was to a point where very few producers were left. This most recent trade dispute goes deeper than most of us can imagine. Our perception of fair trade doesn’t seem to match the thinking of the China government. They invite in the industrial business they want to dominate. The way they deal is you come in but you have to share your patents secrets with us. Then they open there own government-owned company and compete unfairly around the world against us, using our technology to dominate industries and employ there people.

What President Trump has ask for is the theft of our technology to stop. That the markets be open to fair trade or an even playing field. Our business people have been blindsided. Perhaps it has been a little on the greedy side when you see the number of people in China who could be potential customers. The Chinese seem to see nothing wrong with this field and we have let it go so long that they are a little taken back by our standing up to them. Yes, the cost of an Apple iPhone would cost a lot more here if made here. But if their technology is allowed to be stolen will Apple iPhones dominate the market in 10 years? Because China’s goal is to dominate all these tech fields by 2025.

There is more at stake than just selling our products at a fair market price. It is covering our hind ends and not letting the Chinese government steal our trade secrets. They have already silently and knowingly closed businesses around this country and around the world. This isn’t our problem alone because they aim to dominate not only us in technology and trade but the rest of the world too.

We opened up this can of worms or Pandora’s box and we didn’t need China before and if the deal is to trade with them requires us to sell our souls. Then back to the ’60s for China trade we should go. We survived before without them and we can survive again. India or somewhere else can step into play a major role and play on even field and appreciate it. Will it kill us no, because this is America. This is just my opinion of course and that is why I call it OpinionRUS.

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