What is OpinionRUS ?

I’ve had this idea in my head for sometime and I’m going to be the first one to float this Opinion by you the public. I’m not sure if you have noticed but I have, in the area of public expression in the last few years. We have been limited as a society to where we can speak out on issues of the day. It really seems like a left liberal problem than the right conservative problem. I could be a little wrong there but most Conservative sites will let you leave opinions as long as they are reasonibly civil. Since we are in a new era that before the 2016 Elections in the United States. Most liberal sights would allow you to leave comments on there editorials and reporting. With the Fake News on slot in reporting that has been jerked away by the powers at these networks and liberal pages. I firmly believe that someone people in our society thinks they are right and they couldn’t give a damn about you or me and our differences in Qpinion! You can call it evil at work or whatever name you want. There is a force that wants to limit the common persons Opinion and thus cutting off a avenue for complaints about what’s happening in our world today.

Thus the birth of OpinionsRUS. This isn’t a site that you can just insight hatred for the left or right. It isn’t a site where you can cuss and rave about your nieghbor. This is a site where you can leave a OPINION on news of the day on things happening in your neck of the woods from any part of the world. English is the only language allowed because that is all I speak or can read. Limited profanity is allowed but if the F-word is all you know don’t bother to leave a OPINION. I’m personally pretty Conservative but I am open minded enough to listen to the liberal point of view. When it becomes name calling and stuff the liberals do and some conservatives do then I’ll delete your opinion. Your OPINIONS have been cut off from most sites and even Facebook and Twitter in some cases. This sight is for OPINIONS not quotes from other things you have read but personal Opinions. I have friends and they are these college types who are book worms who read all this stuff and try to throw it in my face. I don’t want that here. I want your PERSONAL OPINION PERIOD. With that being said and not saying there might be some revisions down the road. Because I’m the Rush Limbaugh of this site and I’m the editor in Chief . Have at it public !!

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