Great American Mind Readers 2

I started to write this blog the other day. In fact I had it completed so I thought because of the automatic save feature in WordPress. Well guess what it didn’t work but so it is with technology. Then I thought to myself that perhaps this blog wasn’t to be at all. Yet I feel this blog needs to be written. For to long the American people have been treated like little children by the government, large companies and a good part of the news media. Whom I call the Great American Mind Readers. Government has a tendency to not share things they feel will have a negative effect on society. (At least the way it use to be) Large companies are different in they share their progress on things they produce in stages because producing the final version with all the improvements limit their profit. The media has a evolved from journalism to a copy and paste media. When you turn on your news network it doesn’t matter which one it is. They are all the same. A few years ago during the George W. Bush Presidential term in office the term gravitas was used referring to George Bushes lack of it. That in itself wasn’t bad but on every news show the same term and same statement. It was like the news shows had all the SAME writer. Rush Limbaugh played montage of news reports of all the main media with that exact statement in it. Fast forward to 2016 – 2019 and the Great American Mind Readers have completely changed journalism to the tabloid news of the day.

I’m not sure about you but when I go to the grocery store and get to the check out lane, I see the tabloids and I laugh at their headlines and wish somehow that the celebrities who are written about would sue the heck out of those rags, if the things they write about them isn’t true. Once in a while they do and win a retraction and a few bucks. We as a public have learned that these tabloids aren’t worth paying for and we don’t buy them. After the out come of the 2016 Presidential Election our news media has turned a new page of not reporting news but tabloid-ism and one sided reporting at its worst. I call it the Great American Mind Readers. You would think that the leadership at these media sources would consider themselves as businesses and as profit making organizations. It was reported the other day that not one single show on CNN had million viewers. For more than two years they have laid all their money on President Trump and Russian collusion. If it wasn’t for President Trump their broadcasting would be nothing but empty space. I know that had some peoples attention but they weren’t prepared for the Mueller dud report or the lack of evidence for obstruction of justice charges against President Trump. I firmly believe that if there was a clear case for obstruction of justice charges impeachment hearings would be well on there way. I’m looking just at CNN but it isn’t just CNN. I could say the same for The New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and the rest of the main news channel except Fox News. These are the Great American Mind Readers. They think that all they have to do is make up things and say unnamed sources gave them their information. The real unfortunate thing is that they have lied so much and put all their eggs in one basket. That they can’t humble themselves EVER to say we were wrong. They are like a guy that uses a 10 hour slow drying paint and starts at the one door into the room and paints himself into a corner. And then wants out. But there is no way out without ruining his paint job and shoes. After the last two years plus of reporting how President Trump colluded with the Russians without leaving themselves a out or a possibility of being WRONG. They just keep their butts bent over with theirs BS flowing out through the fan to splatter on the walls to see if anything can possibly stick to President Trump. They did much the same to President Bush but it wasn’t a constant 24/7 attack like it is on President Trump. Some of you will say well they still report the disasters and stuff and yes I’ll agree. But if they can in all things hate President Trump, they’ll somehow try to make it his fault.

One last thing to say about the American Great Mind Readers. Even as you have joined the Democrat Party to slide us off the left socialist coast in the long run you will lose. You have taken God out of control of everything even if you claim to believe in God at all. Somehow you have bought into that we are the gods and can control everything without any help from God who has kept this country safe for over 200 years. We have made our mistakes and believe God knows but you don’t give God that credit. God is paying attention even though you don’t believe. God knows that He is in the the back of the bus and being pushed into the fan on the engine. Oh He isn’t being push there by everyone but the results are showing in our schools and our society. For God’s believers have somehow have thrown in a lot of the towel. The true face of evil is showing clearer than ever before in this nation. Evil isn’t always ugly but in somethings it looks good but when its proposals are put into play the results are a disaster for man kind. We keep on hearing that somehow in the next 10 years. If we don’t act on climate change this earth is doomed. I don’t get that or how mankind could possible change enough to effect the worlds climate for the better in 10 years. We control our own destiny as much as Adam and Eve controled theirs. It hasn’t changed the snake is still saying I know better than God, you can do better. Will we continue to believe in those lies or will we at least slow this fall for a little while for a generation or two. Will we return to God who protected our fore fathers and put God in control and not the Great American Mind Readers who think they are the only ones that know what is good for us! This is strictly my opinion and unlike the Great American Mind Readers I’m not always right.


Everyone’s Enemy

George at the house at 1315 Farnam St., Davenport, IA

There is a Enemy we all have in life and no one is without our common enemy. We are born it starts. It stops the day you die. I may have to correct that people who don’t believe in the after life believe their time ends at death. Yes, that Enemy is TIME. Time isn’t a bad thing of course and some of us receive more Time in life than others. The choice isn’t ours of course but you’ll find a few arguments on that. Some will say you can somehow add more Time to your life by your style of life. If you read the bible Proverbs will say you can live a longer life by your faith in God.

George in cowboy shirt – school pic

Let’s talk about Time after all we battle that ticking thing each day. Yea I’m going put few little pictures of myself as we travel through this blog. Some of us have been blessed and don’t seem to age that fast. I can only speak for myself ( I think people are pulling my chain when they say that to me.)

You see a lot of change from my first communion, boy scouts, Senior year, and US Navy years. That is life though. There are vast differences as we age. Some of us go a long with the crowd a little and some a lot. I don’t remember my dad ever pushing me to join the Boy Scouts and definitely he never push a bit on my enlistment in the Navy. Yet he once was a Eagle Scout himself. He left those decisions up to us as youngsters. That is the way I really think it should be, We push our kids into to many things that we want them to do and they really don’t want to do some of them. A little off subject of our common enemy. We learn a lot about time and the use of it as we grow older. I can say that but I know people who still live for the weekend and getting drunk. I’m not sure if there is any difference between last weekends hang over than the one before. The way we use time is a matter of choices though. We can live a life and believe in nothing or we can believe in something. We can believe in God or not. We can believe this whole thing came to be by atoms flying around and just coming together randomly.

We don’t know when our time is up or how much time we have left. We know people that ate all the fatty foods the so called experts said we shouldn’t but they live to 100 or more. I do know that the older you get the less things you desire to buy. Things become a less important and friendships and family take center stage. We reminisce and look back at our lives but you can’t change yesterday So what is done is done. You learn your mouth has been your worst enemy through life because once you say something you can’t take it back. It’s not that you can’t try but once you say something you can’t suck it back even if you never meant it. I believe that as you battle the enemy of time that you use it as wisely as you can. Recently listened to a Andy Stanley seminar and the main point was this. ” Direction not your intentions determine your destination in life. Direction always out trumps your intentions. ” Point is this keeping focused on your direction is the most important thing you can do. This is hard because life has so many distractions. I wish I’d heard Andy Stanley speak when I was 18 and not 72. That is life and it is never to late to learn or pass something on. I’ve tried to pass my faith a long in life but I know many people don’t have that same faith. One last thing to say about our enemy time. If you have hope of better things to come no matter your situation. You’re better off than someone with no hope. For no hope makes living no sense at all. Hope of a better tomorrow even if it is in the after life is better than living for nothing. Surly we don’t go through all this up and down in life to just evaporate to nothing. What a cruel thought and what would be the point to all this we’ve went through. Your opinions are welcome and yes I’d argue with any atheist out there who says God isn’t. Feel free to write.


What is Evil ?

How do I start to answer the question I pose? For you must understand that we have struggled with it since the Garden of Eden. Evil doesn’t have a bad face or even give you the indication that it is bad for you. The fact is it will appear to be good for you and society. It might even do just a little good or like the fruit in the Garden of Eden taste delicious, so why not share it. I’m not sure why God created the devil but I know that everything comes from God. Every human or thinking spirit has free will. So it isn’t hard to understand how the devil came to be. Maybe the devil came to be because God doesn’t make robots that cannot go against Him. We have a choice to love God or not. So do the spirits or angels that were created before we had a choice too. Some had that pumped up pride and choose self instead of God. I’m getting away from my own question but yet I’m no

I’m writing this and look around this world and I see blatant things that are evil and it isn’t no way hidden at all. But you’ll see the ones that perform these evil things claiming it is good or in the name of god. Now I can’t give my God credit for these evil acts, so no capital ” g ” for their god. Was 9/11/2011 a blatant act of evil? Is every bombing in cities throughout this world evil? Yes for sure but that is the end signs of evil. It is not the hidden evil that tries to suck innocent and weak people into its grasp to rip us apart from one another. It isn’t the evil that turns sister against sister and brother against brother. See or perhaps you won’t see. Evil makes something like a peace treaty with an evil empire look good and beneficial for all. Where in all you have done is give the evil empire a cloak to continue planning for your demise. Evil makes your yes a no and your no a yes. You’ll sometime hear a kid tell you that in a joking way. Yes is no and no is yes. But that is exactly what evil is. It flips bad for good and vice versa.

We deal in sight and the appearance and evil aren’t ugly but inviting and mesmerizing. Read the book of Genesis on the creation of this world. Read with a vision of the Garden of Eden where God put man. Was it dark or uninviting in any way? It wasn’t and everything in it was perfect and beautiful and even the tree which God told Adam not to touch or eat from looked good and harmless. Good is like dynamite which can be used to move mountains and save time in construction but also can be used to kill people and damage things. Evil is like a drug that cures a certain disease but has side effects that kill you if given wrongly.

Evil today even though still appearing to be good has been drawn into a panic mode. It isn’t as hidden as before. In fact, it is wide out in the open claiming to be the sole speaker for the majority of the human race. It points at those who stand for God’s unchanging ways and says God has changed and the Word’s He had our fore father’s write aren’t completely right. That somehow the hidden evils of old that weren’t talked about much aren’t really evil at all. That the ones that want a completely verifiable peace with the evil empire are wrong and it doesn’t need to be as long as there isn’t a war. Evil today is more visible than it has ever been. From the front pages of our newspapers, magazines, radios, and televisions. All claiming that evil is good and having people that will step forward to lie to say that it is so. We live in dangerous times where evil is in a panic mode because it has been called out on many fronts and sees it ultimately lost to a God of good and righteousness. So What is Evil? It is anything that appears to be good but in the long run, it is bad for God and mankind. Now is this plagiarist writing because I’m sure Evil has been written about many times before? I say no because this has come straight from my heart and what I see in our society and churches. It is an alarm that every good God loving man, woman and child should sound. Will this stop evil or change the war on evil? It isn’t supposed to but opens a few more eyes, ears and minds to the deceiving way evil continues to work but today in a much more open way than the past. Your comments are always welcome, in fact, I encourage them because we can only grow by communicating our beliefs and different views.


Thinking About God

Have you ever really sat down and thought about God? Most people would probably say no. Think of the billions of people on this planet and God knows the very next thought in each of our minds. He knows the next word you’ll say. The next thing you’ll do. He knows you better than you do. I realize that many people don’t believe in God and that is perfectly okay because they have a free will. Somehow this world and all we see and touch just magically came to be is fine with them. The awesomeness of God amazes me and why God would put up with such an ungrateful people is beyond my understanding. I say that but in a sense I do understand in my human mine why God keeps this world turning. It is a love beyond all love that man can’t possibly comprehend. See because to us someone who would spit in your face and say you are a piece of crap, you wouldn’t keep around. Yet everyday and day after day people don’t give God a first thought or second thought. God isn’t in their hundredth thought of the day. Yet God keeps them breathing, watered and feed, roofs over there heads and their world turning round and round. Jesus said the way to heaven is a narrow way and few will reach it. I read what I just wrote and I know exactly why.

Media Library

People will say I believe in God. I ask when! When a baby is born. When you get real sick. When your in a accident. When you get married. When you are on your death bed. There are a lot of whens there and what about the in between times. Isn’t there a time other than those that God crosses our minds and hearts. Don’t you look at the things in your life that God has brought you through when you thought you wasn’t going to make it. To those that don’t believe I know you did it all yourself and when you die that is it you die. Darn what a waste to go through life with nothing in the end to look forward too. That makes me sad better get off that subject.

Think of this for a minute if you will. If you was Bill Gates or any billionaire and gave it all away expecting you could get into heaven. You wouldn’t make it without faith in Jesus and excepting His death, resurrection and confessing your sins and asking forgiveness. Simple and clean but you have let go of your pride and humble yourself. That is why it is harder for some to get into heaven.

Sometime no matter who we are we take this all for granted. We get up in the morning don’t give our Creator a second thought or a thought through out the day. Now I’m guilty as charge God and no I’m not proud of it but I’m being honest. It isn’t because I don’t believe every single word I’ve written but because I’m in this human skin, and somehow I just take everyday for granted. Yet God is so Amazing, Awesome and loving God. He understands and Jesus blood has washed me clean even though I don’t deserve it. This isn’t where I intended to go but you can’t speak of God in my writing without mentioning Jesus or vice versa


A New Day Coffee Please!

Ah yes, my morning cup of coffee. I’m not sure about you but there is something about that first cup in the morning, I’ve read where you shouldn’t have a cup right away in the morning. Something about taking away from your just finished nights sleep. But regardless old habits are sometimes hard to break. I’m not a guy that finds long term habits hard to break. I smoked for about 20 years and threw them out the window of my service vehicle one day and quit cold turkey. When my dad was having by-pass surgery

I work for over 44 years for one of the largest vending companies and in the last ten years, I’d say coffee has became our saving grace. Our company became a multi-service company. We carried about every type of coffee you could think of and the same with the machines that brewed them. You could have a Starbucks machine in your office and one of our clients had one in his home basement. Sometimes I wonder how people could afford to buy some of our coffee. K-cups really are pretty expensive at almost 40 cents a cup. Yet what is nice is not having to mess with the coffee grounds. The little machine you see in my picture above is a Hamilton Beach Flex-brew. You can use either grounds in a little cup or the k-cup adapter. I can’t drink a lot of coffee upsets my stomach after a few days of too many cups of my favorite brew. There is only the two of us too, so it makes sense to use a machine like this. I’m sure I could fix a machine like this but basically, they are a throwaway machine because they are so cheap to buy. I’d recommend this one to anyone really particularly if there’s only a couple of you at home.

There are other trends in the vending and refreshment trade that have breathed a little fresh air into its limp sails. I didn’t retire because it wasn’t interesting or couldn’t keep up with the technology but driving in the Winter began to really suck. With wifi,scanners, debit cards and remote cameras the trade was taking on a new look when I retired. Was looking forward to getting rid of all the service manuals (at least paper ones ) and using a iPad and laptops. With all the coffee makers we serviced iPad’s were going to make a world of difference.

Hope you are enjoying your favorite morning coffee as you read this. Have a great rest of your day. Your continued reading of my opinions are greatly appreciated and your comments are encouraged.


Dealing with the Sick

Dealing with sick people has a lot to do with cost and cost has a lot to do with health insurance, hospitals, medicines, research, doctors,nurses and all the other things required to keep us well. Dealing with the continual sky rocketing cost of care for the sick is a mind boggling problem.

This isn’t the day of mom going to the hospital and having a baby, then coming home a week later. With a bill for a few hundred dollars. When that was the case when health insurance was a pipe dream and the only one paying the bill was the patents family. People that went to the doctor with cancer or serious things like that were basically given very little chance of survival for any length of time.

Here we are 2019 and we have made great strides in treatments for a lot of mankind’s killer diseases. With the insurance companies help and the continual rising cost because someone has to pay for the great strides in our medical care. When I sold health insurance in 1970 Blue Cross and Blue Shield was the top of the line insurance carrier. They would pay when no one else would. Also it cost more than others because it paid for more. I’m not sure who is the Ace of the health care insurance companies today but I know there is one. Holding the cost on health care is pretty hard with ever advancing progress in treating of diseases we thought were almost never going to be cured.

With the recent passage of the the Affordable Care Act I can see one thing it has done. And it really isn’t anything to do with lowering medical cost. The older doctors have retired in droves. It’s like a rush to see how fast they could close there medical practices. I believe this was brought on by the payment limits of the Affordable Care Act and the choice of doctors in the plans. Many of older doctors were considered to high a cost for the new plans to absorb. Some that stayed would allow people to pay about 60% to 75% of the office call if it was paid on the spot cash or charge. I know this for a fact because my wife who is 7 years younger than me wouldn’t go to any of the doctors in the new plan that we could afford. So she went to her doctor and we paid around 75% cash for her visits. He doctor she had before the Affordable Care Act took hold, retired so fast the door didn’t hit him in the butt on the way out.

The great strides we are making in all sorts of fields of medicine both drugs and treatments is amazing to the average person like me. But the cost and who and how we continue to pay for these advances is a great concern for all. Like taxes even though some people say business are the ones who pay there own taxes. Taxes are a cost of doing business, as is energy, wages and everything else. It is all passed on to the consumer don’t kid yourself. Health insurance premiums pay for a lot if not most of these new advances. I started out writing this thinking of all the things Blue Cross and Blue shield use to pay for in 1970 and how sometime I thought if they just said no to paying for some of the advances. That premiums for health insurance would been less. I’m looking at what I’ve written and I see the position we are in. We can say no to paying for these advancements in medicine and limit ourselves to cures now instead of 10 years from now. We are in a capitalist society though and our lines and waits for treatment isn’t as long as it is in England, Canada and many other countries were government controls the cost and makes believe that you somehow aren’t paying for it. What do you think is there away to control our sky rocketing health care without cutting out the great strides we are making on treatments for so many things I can’t list them all. You opinions are welcome.

The What if factor of Corvid-19

I know many of us are praying that the death total from the Corvid-19 virus are going to be lower than the CDC is forecasting. There is always the what if factor that comes into play. What if it far exceeds the highest numbers in the forecast ? What if it is lower than the projected lowest number ? In the United States everything seems to be a political game especially with Donald J. Trump as President. The average person doesn’t want this to become a political issue . We just want it over and our lives back on track. Well let’s explore the what if factor of Corvid-19 ?

We came out of the Impeachment Trial of President Trump in which he was found no guilty. Straight into the Corvid-19 pandemic set off in China. We were seeing the numbers of people dying in Wuhan China and the President shut down air travel to and from . Allowing for some returns of our citizens and theirs. But yet we knew that Corvid -19 was probably already here because the secrecy of the China government. This was rather a no brainer that we were going to have a real problem on our hands. Maybe it could have been lessened but the Chinese are very proud people and don’t rely on outside help very often, It is sad because we would only like to have helped them stop this invisible killer and maybe help exploring early on how to defeat it. So here we are in our 3rd or 4th week in either a modified stay home orders or direct government order to stay home, I believe the numbers now are around 130,000 infected people and 10,000 deaths in the United States. That doesn’t seem like many but the testing is increasing with better test and number of cases keep growing. So the peak isn’t that near but we don’t know exactly how far away from that peak we are. With most state having closed most big gathering places and places people hang together like bar, restaurants , gyms , and almost any place where human to human contact can pass a long a cold or Corvid-19. It’s almost to the time to say what if this turns out with either more deaths than forecast or less. Then what does the political climate look like. I believe this a no win situation if you are on the Republican side. Because if we see say less than 100,000 to 150,000 deaths you’ll see the liberal crying that President Trump shut our economy down for just a minor bump in the road or that he just should have had certain areas shut down and left others open . If those numbers climb say 200,000 to 260,000 deaths you’ll here the liberal say that Trump didn’t do enough or he didn’t care about grandma and grandpa and acted to slowly.

That is the way politics have worked from even before President Trump took his oath of office, At least that is what I expect and with the way the liberal media and Democrats have acted in the pandemic situation it looks like I’m right on the the money. While most of us just want this pandemic over with and to go back to work and make this country even better than before. There are those selfish people breeding on power and want control everything especially the money coming out of Washington D.C. and they can’t do that with President Trump in their way. And that my friends is a fact. But we will see if I’m right or wrong and what twist the Democrats put to their attacks on President Trump in the coming months.

In a Society of Instant Satisfaction

We live in a time when people expect to see almost instant change For answers to their problems as fast as technology grows. Things aren’t that simple and humans are more complex than the most sophisticated machines we have invented. Poverty is still here. And even more rampant than before technology growth. Where technology have blessed us in many ways it has isolated us in others. Our parent and grandparents saw gradual changes in technology and but with the 60’s and the space program our technology world has taken off at the same rocket speed. We now carry around in our hands smart phones which in the early days of computing would have taken up a room of equipment to do a little of the same thing. Now in a day of great technology growth we see it’s limits and question on what good is it in a world of pandemic.

In this day of instant satisfaction. We see a use of good old common sense. Yet getting that to sink in our heads might take a little time. We look around us and depending where you live you either see people not coming down with the Corona virus or we see deserted street and maybe portable hospitals with paramedics bringing covid-19 patience’s. A lot of us understand that our scientist are using all our technology to figure our treatments , quick test to tell you if you have it or not. More technology is being used develop a vaccine to prevent a recurring of this pandemic next year. We want answers and we want it now but it isn’t the way things really work in life.

Somethings just can’t be replace and somethings can’t be solved instantly. What has help even though some people will argue that it hasn’t but good old common sense. I think when our national scientist and medical society said the best way to slow this thing down would be to isolate yourself and family from other people and wash your hands , distant yourself from other is the best individual plans. I grant you it is to late for those who have been exposed but for the rest of us it isn’t to late to stop the spread by our self imposed isolation. You may not think you are strong enough but you see you have to be because it is the safest way and a proven way. Our forefathers ended their pandemic in that way and even though it might have taken years to come up with vaccines and successful treatments it worked. You can call President Trump anything you like but someone gave him the wisdom to do a lot of what he has done.

So in this day of instant satisfaction something else trumps it and that is good old common sense and prayer. The later you may not have any belief in or faith in, Yet through out history prayers have been answered in one way another but not always in a speedy time frame that we want.

A World in a Nightmare

I’m not sure about you this corona virus disease that traveling around our world seem to put all of us on edge some. For me I just thank God that I’m retired now. I’m going on 6 years of retirement and it really has been rather relaxing in a lot of ways. When you are use to starting your day off at 6:00 am and some days not getting home until 9:00 pm . Even then my day wasn’t always done because getting called out again sometimes happened. It really was getting better at the time that I retired but unfortunately for me it was happening to late in my work life. You might say what the heck did this guy do. Well for 44 years I worked in the world of vending machines. It was a fascinating job in many ways and I watched as technology changed before my eyes in every aspect of my job and the company I worked for . It was a always learning experience and that much of my work life I have missed. Sometimes I wonder how I could go from such a busy life to this almost dull life but I don’t mind the dull because for so many years it seemed like I was burning the candle at the top , bottom and in the middle. It finally got to me one day when I was thinking about my best friend and former boss Bob. He worked 50 years in the vending business then was kind a forced to retire. He lasted about 3 years and then sadly pass away. I just decided I wanted a few more years to be with my wife and do a little of things that I wanted to do rather than what someone else wanted me to do.

It didn’t take much for me to leave 44 years behind me and move on to the retired life of Reilly. It takes some adapting to do and the money follow is a quite a bit different than before. I knew that when I retired and I have no desire to return to sleep depraved life of before. This corona virus thing we are going through must be putting many of you in a position you didn’t much ask for or want. It’s bad enough that you can’t work maybe but on top of that you can’t hang out with your friends and some cases family either. I’m blessed in many ways because our bills are few and we are use to getting buy on our Social Security checks. If there is only you and the wife it might not be as complicated to figure out how to get by on limited funds. Let me give you a little hint at a way to save a few bucks when bucks are really limited. Our main meal is in the evening but it has been sneaking closer to noon as we get older here. We eat meals we like and ones that we can have leftovers 3 or 4 days in a row. Like tacos are one of our favorites and we can make some pretty mean tacos we’ll match with any taco house. They don’t cost much to make and delicious every night. We have been trying new soups this Winter and now into spring. I know that meals are just a small part of your day but yet why not eat things you like and if done right it can save you few dollars.

I was just thinking about this before I started writing because everyday we have friends and family struggling with different diseases at different times. Even during this time we have family and friends struggling with all the diseases we can think about. I don’t want to put those diseases in minor lights because they aren’t. Yet this corona virus we are all in the same battle together against this unseen enemy. Probably a lot of you and a long with me didn’t take this to seriously. In fact the day before they shut down the taverns and restaurants. I sat with a few friends sipping a beer. The next day everything came to screeching halt. For about a week we made some very limited trips a long with our sanitizing stuff in our car. But with each passing day and listening to the growing numbers corona virus cases everyday. My wife and myself have reach one conclusion that there is only one way we can defeat this disease without a massive disaster. We need to just limit our contact with anyone outside our own house. Now that same reasoning should go for you and your family. Each year we have things like the flu to go through our country but we have vaccines that help limit that impact. Yet even then many die for one reason or another of it. This is a completely different situation. For there is no prevention for this virus. No way to tell if your neighbor has it or a store clerk or anyone else. It’s passed through the air or touch and it has proven deadly for elderly in particular. But yet it has killed people in all age levels. This is a time to go to war and fight this virus from every agile and do our part to stay safe and not become a victim of this virus. Yes I know we miss our families , friends , buddies and we long those personal touches. But those are the touches that can kill you and kill the loved ones in your house. It is really rather simple you know kids and they love to touch things and you turn your back and they are gone to touch someone or something. An the only way to not to catch anything is to avoid those hugs and kisses until this passes. I’d rather lose my job or anything I have than lose my wife or family because we didn’t avoid contact until this passes down the road.

I find this is a good time to evaluate my life and take into consideration what is really important in life. Maybe you have been burning that candle at both ends and the middle. You been working hours that are killing you but avoiding the ones you love. Maybe it is time to see away make a change when you get back to work. I know what it takes for some people and that be for this virus to strike in the middle of their family. It shouldn’t take that though just listen to the horror stories of other families who have lost someone who was in good health one day and a few days later dead. This world’s nightmare can only end if we all do what we are told to do and avoid human to human contact. One more thing before I go I find this a good time to reflect on the blessings I do have and thank God for letting be live and to have lived as long as I have. If you don’t believe in God or prayer this would be a great time to start. Don’t know how ? It’s easy just like talking to dad or mom. It’s okay to vent your pains and frustrations. God gives us these times to chat with Him and yes even praise Him for all the blessing we have too. Enough already do your part stay home and stay safe wait it out.

Who Would Have Guessed ?

With the Corona virus causing havoc through out the world who would have guess or foreseen this crisis a year ago or even six months ago , Yet here we are hunkered down in our homes or perhaps trap in a hospital out of no fault of our own. We understand the need for separation to keep this pandemic from continuing its damning work. In this country we are in the middle of our Presidential pre-election campaigns . The Democratic side has narrow the field of candidates to basically two people and the incumbent side President has been packing stadiums to the rafters with people. All that now has come to a screeching halt as we watch and listen to our radios and TV’s describe and show the tragic scenes around the world.

It has taken a while for this new reality to set in for many of us, Perhaps it is because we don’t want to believe that all of the sudden our lives can go from a robust and thriving economy to stand still nothingness we have never seen before. Our President describes it as a battle against a invisible enemy and yes sometimes he shows anger at the enemy in his daily briefings to the American people. Some people have the nerve to call these briefing his personal show or about him. Yet the governors in each state are giving their daily updates in the same way. The media seems to live to find some error in what he says and jumps on anything he says as gospel word. They never put themselves in his shoes and think the way a leader thinks. You never hear one anchor say ” Here you have a President with a smoking economy and unemployment figures that haven’t been seen in decades and now it is down to crawl. Can you blame him for his itch to get by this pandemic and bring our economy back to a more normal state. ” You hear none of that just the blame game for things that no one seen coming down the road. It’s like you are on a normal trip some place and all the sudden you have semi’s careening down the road at you and you have to keep dodging them one after another.

In our life times we have seen wars , earth quakes and disasters but these things we can physically see and go to work on to end with physical muscle. This pandemic is just like our President describes it as a invisible enemy crawling through the streets of nations. I remember watching The Ten Commandment with Charlton Heston playing Moses. They had the scene were the plague that killed the first born of the Egyptian families. Of course they used a smoke of some kind slithering through the streets entering the houses of the Egyptians and killing their first born. This isn’t a movie though that we are dealing with. We aren’t sure exactly how this virus travels around world other than personal contact. How long it last on surfaces of things we touch or how long it stays in the air we breath. We can play this blame game or we can be part of the solution. If you are a producer of the medical supplies , you can just keep pumping them out as fast as you can while maintaining a safe environment to do so. If you are young or old stay home and hunker down. Quit burning gas and break out the table games and learning games and just let this thing pass. If you believe in God then pray just like our fore fathers did during times of plagues before us. God doesn’t put these things on our backs but allows them to happen like He allows everyday to happen. It might be a wake up call for a lot of people and it just shows us how fragile life is. I’m just thinking to myself what would have happen if our airports here and China had remained open. An we sat back and did nothing to stop people that were infected from traveling into our country. Grant you might not have foreseen the scale of this pandemic and we might not have had all the medical supplies we needed for a pandemic but to put the blame on anyone person or government premature at best. If there is one thing to be said the secrecy of the communist system has one big fault in it. It has failed to take into count the other nations around the world. It has failed to let us rally to take on this enemy of mankind from ground zero. Perhaps they didn’t recognize the scale of what they were up against or the dramatic consequences of failing to sound the alarm would do. Hopefully this is a eye opener for the Communist society that we are all in this great big round boat together with no place else to go or hide.

This is a time you figure out who your real enemies are and who is really prejudice and who isn’t. Most of us would not wish this on anyone even the people who hate us the most. Yet there are those that would do exactly that and my friends that is true evil in this world. There is something a lot different about disagreeing with someones point of view and wishing something physically to happen to them to get your way. It’s like two boys on the play ground playing marbles and one boy can’t seem to ever win a game. So instead of shaking it off after recess is over. The loser figures away out to steal the other boy’s marble bag inside and thinks he has beat the other that way. But in all reality all he has done is to become a thief. My friends in time like theses we need to pray for one another. To comfort one another. We need to step up to the plate and do whatever we can to help one and another. If we are the most vulnerable we need to do as our leaders have said and get out of the way and wait for calm that comes after a storm of such great magnitude. This is not a 9/11 experience because we knew someone sent those planes to take lives in America. This is a war of world proportion and no race, creed, faith or country is exempt. This is a time to unite the minds of the world to solve this problem. It is a time evaluate and set up a system that is prepared for the next pandemic coming down the road. It should not matter if these emergency supplies just sit there unused because sooner or later they will be needed. Perhaps a time line set up for those things that might deteriorate to be used and replace at intervals as need to keep them fresh. Finally once again no one could have guessed this pandemic was coming to our communities. Be a solver, a prayer warrior or just get the heck out of the way and weather the storm. Your opinions are always welcome. Praying for everyone !!

Grasping at Straws

I’ve been on long writer’s vacation because I’ve wanted to see how our political atmosphere is going to turn . I see that nothing really changes on the Democrat side of the isle . It continues to be the constant hate President Trump Democrats and media . The same people who ask President Trump before the primaries whether he would accept the out come of the election if he lost , haven’t accepted his winning more than 3 years after he won !! Most people in this country support freedom of the press and I believe President Trump does too . The press and politicians have tendency to treat people like they’re stupid and can’t read or understand what they are reading or hearing . There is one problem with that thinking it puts us all into a parent child relationship . I do mean a very young child relationship . When we are in our adolescents parents know children are still learning new things about life . The media treats it’s readers and watchers like those same adolescents . I believe that most people won’t fault the media at having personal bias . We all have a bias of our own after all . Yet isn’t providing the news or what is happening suppose to be a none bias thing and letting the readers or watchers make up their own minds ? From what I can see and read that isn’t the case in modern journalistic thinking . When you can read or watch almost every source and the words said don’t vary hardly at all . You begin to see a pattern of trying to control what people think . And a pattern of close minded thinking . We have no objections to editors editorializing in their opinions on news of the day . But when that same editorializing starts on the front page and never varies we object . We have a problem .

Since early in President Trump’s term in office it has been one continuing grasping at straws and continuing harassment on anything and everything his administration does . He has kept his promises and the Democrats have kept there’s to harass him all the way. On the one’s he hasn’t kept he basically doesn’t have the control completely to himself . We see the true colors of the media and Democrat bias sticking out like a person hit by a Mack truck . Watching the networks is like watching The View 24/7 . They have special people assigned to read President Trump’s tweets and watch his movements all day everyday . Everything is responded to and usually almost perfectly in line with Democratic point of view . We hear how President Trump is the most corrupted President we’ve ever had but always said with no proof and no evidence to back up those claims . Perhaps President Trump could be more humble sometimes but what the other side wants him to do is put a noose around his neck and end their misery . When you are in the game of politics it’s a game of promises and a game that is mostly flat out lies . What the public is use to is both parties make a bunch of promises and the one that wins burns their promises and has a brain blockage trying to remember anything they promised. It has not been so with President Trump . He has followed through where others just provided lip service . The move of our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is something that had been promised by other President’s but it never happened . President Trump did it . He promised tax reform and tax cuts and he worked with Congress to get it done . He promised more spending on Defense and reform on Veteran Administration promises kept . With a on going challenge is the economy of course and depending on who you listen to we are either winning or losing that battle . The United States Canada and Mexican trade agreement is settled . Japan trade deal is settled . The China trade agreement is partially settled . Yes , I suppose tariff are making some of us pay more in the stores on certain things . But what China calls fair trade hasn’t been fair trade if you look at the amount we buy from them compared to the amount they buy from us . Employment is up and the best since 1969 and unemployment is down . Minorities are getting the best numbers in history and women are getting a better shake on the jobs front too . Yet all you here from the bias media is bad news and no credit at all for anything President Trump has done . They don’t care if he has brought back jobs in manufacturing or we are now a exporter of energy instead of a importer of it . If a plant closes it is big news but coming in then it goes to the back page or not acknowledge at all . So be it though and will battle it out at the polls in November 2020 .

I haven’t touch on the last thing after the Mueller hoax and waste of 40 million dollars . Now it is the impeachment for all the things that every President has done since George Washington . A none partisan vote to impeach President Trump on articles that wouldn’t see the light of day in any court except for a Democrat court . The do nothing Democrats are of course claiming they have done something but nothing that could pass in the Senate . I have no doubt the Democrats will continue to grasp at their paper straws and to continue to lie cheat and maybe try to steal the 2020 election because they have no ideas that help America . The media which more and more looks like a Russian Pravda run network which hasn’t told the truth in years . You could call the bias media The Democrat Socialist Pravda Network and you wouldn’t be to far off base . Well I offer my points of view . My opinions are they plagiarized ? I don’t think so even though many of you might think the same things . Your opinions are always welcome and encouraged .

What this World lacks is Vision

Have you ever asked yourself what is missing in this world? I know that great leaders have a Vision on what they want to accomplish. Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, or any great leader had a Vision of what they want to accomplish in their time in history. I believe that is what is lacking sometimes in the people who say they want to lead us in our communities, states and our nation. We were created with Vision in mind. Granted God had the perfect Vision but God gave us a freedom in that Vision of His. A freedom to obey and keep our mangy hands off a pretty fruit or eat it and die. We know the results and we live it out everyday. Yet that is what our fore bares did and it is beyond our control. So it is but yet we are still a people with a Vision for tomorrow even though we might not live another second.

Well let’s talk Vision for a while today. We can sit around and complain about things all day everyday. What does that do? Yea, it does nothing but makes you miserable and anxious. I read about the great inventors and the Visions they had as they worked to invent the things we take for granted everyday. I also read the stories behind those inventions of failures one after another until their final victory. We read about great leaders who came forward in times when countries and even the world was in great turmoil. We see them stepping up to the plate and risking their reputation, time, family well being and even their very health. I read about their not so perfect lives and opposition that they over came. We need that now in our leaders in our nation, our businesses and in our personal lives.

The first question out of a reporters mouth when they interview someone that wants to serve their community, state or nation should be. What is your Vision in what you are about to do? What do you picture for making things better than it is right now? That is one thing I thought Hillary Clinton failed to address. She had a Barack Obama Vision and not her own defined Vision. We should be very careful of choosing people who only have the party line Vision for whatever office they run for. For the Vision of the party view means they come working for the party not the people that voted for them. This of course is my personal point of view. But a person with their own Vision can sometime see the errors of their predecessor no matter if they are in the same party.

Let’s talk about personal Vision and really the reason I write this little blog today. I listen to the environmentalist, climate change people complain and blame every problem we have somehow on man. I know that yes we pollute this world, we live in and somehow without a second thought. I sat in McDonald’s today with my wife and watch some people nonchalantly sit in the drive thru waiting lane and throw the garbage on the floor of their car into the bushes. I wanted to just run outside and tell those people off. I wanted to make them pick it up and tell them they were lazy people. If it wasn’t for the fear in my wife’s eyes and what she said I would have. In our day you never know who might just blow you away even if they are in the wrong. I know my Vision for people controlling their thinking and doing the right thing is out of my control. Yet I do have a Vision for somehow that the world will unite to figure out away to invent away to make plastics that are able to be recycled and even when it isn’t it still will do no harm to our earth. A little bigger Vision than that though. That it will be able to be done economically and easily. I know that man can do it we just need to unite and work day and night until it is done. We see climate change people complaining about the carbon factor. Perhaps we do take a lot of oxygen out of our atmosphere by our construction of buildings highways, housing and all our energy use. Yet if you took a science class in school you know that plants produce oxygen. Why isn’t that a world wide objective to create green space a long with all new construction. I just see new taxes and high cost out of the climate change complainers. I see no Vision just away to make a few people or governments rich and no Vision for change. What do you think is there a lack of Vision in this world or maybe a lack of people willing to take the risk of stepping up to the plate? Where are the Elon Musk’s who want to clean up our world rather than race off to Mars? Your views or opinions are always appreciated. Take me to the cleaners, I’ve been there a few times in my 73 years.