Equal Justice For All

We have been going through one of the most trying time in modern history. It hasn’t been cause by war and hopefully not cause by man. Yet it effects the whole world and it is prejudice against no one. It will either make you slightly sick , moderately sick or kill you. It has cost the world trillions of dollars and it is libel to cost us trillions more. Some people are infected more than others and some have higher death rates. But the evil it dishes out doesn’t care about our race, creed or religion. If you were evil you say this is evil justice for all because it doesn’t care who or how many it kills.

Now our justice system should be the same way with a blind eyes for race, creed and religion. This is a man made system though and it is a long ways from perfect. I’ve been thinking about equal justice for all for a long time even before the George Floyd happenings in Minneapolis. Most of us aren’t involved in the protest but most of us agree that justice needs to happen for George Floyd. Even in the day of body cams the officers body cam won’t do much good as evidence. But the length of time from the take down handcuffing of George Floyd should be evidence itself that something was unusual was taking place. Then in this modern age we have civilians with smart phones making a recording of the whole take down and the failure of George Floyd being able to be brought to his feet to be transported to jail. Now justice will come for George Floyd whether it is fair or not remains to be seen. A lot of questions need to be asked and a lot of things don’t make sense watching that video. Should other officers be complicit in his action. Shouldn’t one of them at least step into say enough let’s transport this guy? How about the equal justice ?

What do I mean other equal justice ? The protest bring on a even more profound call for equal for all. In war you would call it collateral damage. But this isn’t war but a protest for change that calls for equal treatment of all. We agree that something needs to change and it isn’t enough just to say equal justice if it doesn’t work that way from the officers on the streets to the judges , prison system and release system too. Fine but what about those shop owners who lost businesses and livelihood because a few thought the only way to get change is damage innocent peoples property to make a point. It isn’t like we haven’t seen protest before but when they turn violent. They are no longer a protest but riots and crimes of their own. Equal justice these folks that own these businesses deserve it too. But what we have seen in the past somehow these rioters get away with burning business ,looting them. Then the community around these places end up having to travel miles away to get the services they have lost. So where is the equal justice for these people ? We have seen it in Watts , in Harlem and now will we see it in Minneapolis and the others cities with shops and businesses destroyed by people that aren’t really looking for justice for George Floyd but to make the police and political leaders look bad. So one party or the other can blame the President that happens to be in the White House. Just as much as George Floyd needs to have equal justice so do the property owners and other innocent people that have been hurt by this uncalled for ruining of their lives deserve it too. Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t a man of violent protest. Even though I’ll bet there were people who thought he was to gentile. Yet he had great success and brought a lot of change. Not perfect change but yet a good deal of it. If you model your protest like Martin Luther King Jr. and are willing to turn in those that destroy. Then you are worth listening too. If you condone these rioters then you aren’t interested in equal justice for just you are another part of the problem that doesn’t respect your neighbors . NO EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL UNLESS EVERYONE THAT IS HURT IN THIS GEORGE FLOYD SITUATION RECEIVES IT. PROPERTY OWNERS AND COMMUNITIES DESERVE TO HAVE JUSTICE SERVED TOO. IT SHOULDN’T BE JUST COLLATERAL DAMAGE LIKE IT SEEMS TO BE ALWAYS TREATED LIKE IN THE PASSED. MURDER ISN’T LEGAL AND NIETHER IS RIOTING AND BURNING INNOCENT PEOPLES PROPERTY AND LOOTING. UNTIL ALL SIDE ARE HEARD AND JUSTICE IS DEALT OUT FAIRLY . EQUAL JUSTICE WON’T BE SERVED !!


Oh Those Printing Press are Running

Don’t you hear those printing presses running ? I don’t mean your local news papers or Time , Life , Readers Digest or any other of your normal news print. I mean those printing presses at the Treasury Department. The Fed is feeding the banks and business community with a few Trillion dollars. All those checks that are being sent people that file a tax return in 2018 or 19. All the businesses that will be getting tax breaks , government forgivable loans. I don’t even know if I remembered or even touch on the tip of iceberg on the things the government is doing or printing money for. I have a problem with all of that but yet again. I’m not sure what all this printing of money does to the inflation rate but I can’t imagine it’s though. Don’t get me wrong that I’m not saying that everything the Federal government has done didn’t need to be done. Because the choices weren’t many other than to let this Covid-19 virus run wild with no cure or vaccine or make the choices they made. Maybe for you like me and most people all this Covid-19 virus thing is like something so surreal that is hard to believe it is happening and we are all wondering when it will end. There is another scary part State’s can’t print their own money.

State’s have budgets and they collect taxes to run state budgets. Some state’s have rainy day funds for down years when tax revenues aren’t enough to cover all parts of their budgets. Yet most state’s won’t have enough in their coffers to cover this big a hit without income taxes coming , limited gas taxes coming in and sales taxes coming in. All those taxes are taking a hit . The big question is how long can states stay shut down and operate with limited taxes coming in. So I ask myself which state is going to start to break the stay at home and all these directives first ? That is a very realistic question something most governor’s are thinking about. We know most doctors or medical scholars would want us to stay shut down until this Covid-19 thing has passed. Many scary factors are being tossed around by these medical experts on how we open states up and how soon. Will we all need to be tested for Covid-19 ? Will we just have to be checked for antibodies ? Will you need those things done before you can return to work ? So many things for our leaders to consider.

We may have many changes in the way we prepare for pandemics and disasters after all this Covid-19 virus experience finally comes to a end. I’m not a real fan of taxes and especially taxes that let some people escape them and others not. For instance people who ride buses don’t pay a fuel tax but they do use transportation. What I’m trying to say is preparedness is going to be a big subject and paying for that preparedness is going to be a big question. People are never happy with paying taxes but we aren’t happy with this Covid-19 situation either. But being prepared with more PPE on hand and ready to go is important. Perhaps having a cushion of money to help play for a pandemic or disaster relief.

So with the printing presses running at the Treasury full speed ahead and we thank God our government can do that. We just pray for the future and the planning for other disasters than come a long in our country and in our world. For this world has had many calamities and a little old Boy Scout ” Being Prepared ” is a good thing.


Great American Mind Readers 2

I started to write this blog the other day. In fact I had it completed so I thought because of the automatic save feature in WordPress. Well guess what it didn’t work but so it is with technology. Then I thought to myself that perhaps this blog wasn’t to be at all. Yet I feel this blog needs to be written. For to long the American people have been treated like little children by the government, large companies and a good part of the news media. Whom I call the Great American Mind Readers. Government has a tendency to not share things they feel will have a negative effect on society. (At least the way it use to be) Large companies are different in they share their progress on things they produce in stages because producing the final version with all the improvements limit their profit. The media has a evolved from journalism to a copy and paste media. When you turn on your news network it doesn’t matter which one it is. They are all the same. A few years ago during the George W. Bush Presidential term in office the term gravitas was used referring to George Bushes lack of it. That in itself wasn’t bad but on every news show the same term and same statement. It was like the news shows had all the SAME writer. Rush Limbaugh played montage of news reports of all the main media with that exact statement in it. Fast forward to 2016 – 2019 and the Great American Mind Readers have completely changed journalism to the tabloid news of the day.

I’m not sure about you but when I go to the grocery store and get to the check out lane, I see the tabloids and I laugh at their headlines and wish somehow that the celebrities who are written about would sue the heck out of those rags, if the things they write about them isn’t true. Once in a while they do and win a retraction and a few bucks. We as a public have learned that these tabloids aren’t worth paying for and we don’t buy them. After the out come of the 2016 Presidential Election our news media has turned a new page of not reporting news but tabloid-ism and one sided reporting at its worst. I call it the Great American Mind Readers. You would think that the leadership at these media sources would consider themselves as businesses and as profit making organizations. It was reported the other day that not one single show on CNN had million viewers. For more than two years they have laid all their money on President Trump and Russian collusion. If it wasn’t for President Trump their broadcasting would be nothing but empty space. I know that had some peoples attention but they weren’t prepared for the Mueller dud report or the lack of evidence for obstruction of justice charges against President Trump. I firmly believe that if there was a clear case for obstruction of justice charges impeachment hearings would be well on there way. I’m looking just at CNN but it isn’t just CNN. I could say the same for The New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and the rest of the main news channel except Fox News. These are the Great American Mind Readers. They think that all they have to do is make up things and say unnamed sources gave them their information. The real unfortunate thing is that they have lied so much and put all their eggs in one basket. That they can’t humble themselves EVER to say we were wrong. They are like a guy that uses a 10 hour slow drying paint and starts at the one door into the room and paints himself into a corner. And then wants out. But there is no way out without ruining his paint job and shoes. After the last two years plus of reporting how President Trump colluded with the Russians without leaving themselves a out or a possibility of being WRONG. They just keep their butts bent over with theirs BS flowing out through the fan to splatter on the walls to see if anything can possibly stick to President Trump. They did much the same to President Bush but it wasn’t a constant 24/7 attack like it is on President Trump. Some of you will say well they still report the disasters and stuff and yes I’ll agree. But if they can in all things hate President Trump, they’ll somehow try to make it his fault.

One last thing to say about the American Great Mind Readers. Even as you have joined the Democrat Party to slide us off the left socialist coast in the long run you will lose. You have taken God out of control of everything even if you claim to believe in God at all. Somehow you have bought into that we are the gods and can control everything without any help from God who has kept this country safe for over 200 years. We have made our mistakes and believe God knows but you don’t give God that credit. God is paying attention even though you don’t believe. God knows that He is in the the back of the bus and being pushed into the fan on the engine. Oh He isn’t being push there by everyone but the results are showing in our schools and our society. For God’s believers have somehow have thrown in a lot of the towel. The true face of evil is showing clearer than ever before in this nation. Evil isn’t always ugly but in somethings it looks good but when its proposals are put into play the results are a disaster for man kind. We keep on hearing that somehow in the next 10 years. If we don’t act on climate change this earth is doomed. I don’t get that or how mankind could possible change enough to effect the worlds climate for the better in 10 years. We control our own destiny as much as Adam and Eve controled theirs. It hasn’t changed the snake is still saying I know better than God, you can do better. Will we continue to believe in those lies or will we at least slow this fall for a little while for a generation or two. Will we return to God who protected our fore fathers and put God in control and not the Great American Mind Readers who think they are the only ones that know what is good for us! This is strictly my opinion and unlike the Great American Mind Readers I’m not always right.


Everyone’s Enemy

George at the house at 1315 Farnam St., Davenport, IA

There is a Enemy we all have in life and no one is without our common enemy. We are born it starts. It stops the day you die. I may have to correct that people who don’t believe in the after life believe their time ends at death. Yes, that Enemy is TIME. Time isn’t a bad thing of course and some of us receive more Time in life than others. The choice isn’t ours of course but you’ll find a few arguments on that. Some will say you can somehow add more Time to your life by your style of life. If you read the bible Proverbs will say you can live a longer life by your faith in God.

George in cowboy shirt – school pic

Let’s talk about Time after all we battle that ticking thing each day. Yea I’m going put few little pictures of myself as we travel through this blog. Some of us have been blessed and don’t seem to age that fast. I can only speak for myself ( I think people are pulling my chain when they say that to me.)

You see a lot of change from my first communion, boy scouts, Senior year, and US Navy years. That is life though. There are vast differences as we age. Some of us go a long with the crowd a little and some a lot. I don’t remember my dad ever pushing me to join the Boy Scouts and definitely he never push a bit on my enlistment in the Navy. Yet he once was a Eagle Scout himself. He left those decisions up to us as youngsters. That is the way I really think it should be, We push our kids into to many things that we want them to do and they really don’t want to do some of them. A little off subject of our common enemy. We learn a lot about time and the use of it as we grow older. I can say that but I know people who still live for the weekend and getting drunk. I’m not sure if there is any difference between last weekends hang over than the one before. The way we use time is a matter of choices though. We can live a life and believe in nothing or we can believe in something. We can believe in God or not. We can believe this whole thing came to be by atoms flying around and just coming together randomly.

We don’t know when our time is up or how much time we have left. We know people that ate all the fatty foods the so called experts said we shouldn’t but they live to 100 or more. I do know that the older you get the less things you desire to buy. Things become a less important and friendships and family take center stage. We reminisce and look back at our lives but you can’t change yesterday So what is done is done. You learn your mouth has been your worst enemy through life because once you say something you can’t take it back. It’s not that you can’t try but once you say something you can’t suck it back even if you never meant it. I believe that as you battle the enemy of time that you use it as wisely as you can. Recently listened to a Andy Stanley seminar and the main point was this. ” Direction not your intentions determine your destination in life. Direction always out trumps your intentions. ” Point is this keeping focused on your direction is the most important thing you can do. This is hard because life has so many distractions. I wish I’d heard Andy Stanley speak when I was 18 and not 72. That is life and it is never to late to learn or pass something on. I’ve tried to pass my faith a long in life but I know many people don’t have that same faith. One last thing to say about our enemy time. If you have hope of better things to come no matter your situation. You’re better off than someone with no hope. For no hope makes living no sense at all. Hope of a better tomorrow even if it is in the after life is better than living for nothing. Surly we don’t go through all this up and down in life to just evaporate to nothing. What a cruel thought and what would be the point to all this we’ve went through. Your opinions are welcome and yes I’d argue with any atheist out there who says God isn’t. Feel free to write.


What is Evil ?

How do I start to answer the question I pose? For you must understand that we have struggled with it since the Garden of Eden. Evil doesn’t have a bad face or even give you the indication that it is bad for you. The fact is it will appear to be good for you and society. It might even do just a little good or like the fruit in the Garden of Eden taste delicious, so why not share it. I’m not sure why God created the devil but I know that everything comes from God. Every human or thinking spirit has free will. So it isn’t hard to understand how the devil came to be. Maybe the devil came to be because God doesn’t make robots that cannot go against Him. We have a choice to love God or not. So do the spirits or angels that were created before we had a choice too. Some had that pumped up pride and choose self instead of God. I’m getting away from my own question but yet I’m no

I’m writing this and look around this world and I see blatant things that are evil and it isn’t no way hidden at all. But you’ll see the ones that perform these evil things claiming it is good or in the name of god. Now I can’t give my God credit for these evil acts, so no capital ” g ” for their god. Was 9/11/2011 a blatant act of evil? Is every bombing in cities throughout this world evil? Yes for sure but that is the end signs of evil. It is not the hidden evil that tries to suck innocent and weak people into its grasp to rip us apart from one another. It isn’t the evil that turns sister against sister and brother against brother. See or perhaps you won’t see. Evil makes something like a peace treaty with an evil empire look good and beneficial for all. Where in all you have done is give the evil empire a cloak to continue planning for your demise. Evil makes your yes a no and your no a yes. You’ll sometime hear a kid tell you that in a joking way. Yes is no and no is yes. But that is exactly what evil is. It flips bad for good and vice versa.

We deal in sight and the appearance and evil aren’t ugly but inviting and mesmerizing. Read the book of Genesis on the creation of this world. Read with a vision of the Garden of Eden where God put man. Was it dark or uninviting in any way? It wasn’t and everything in it was perfect and beautiful and even the tree which God told Adam not to touch or eat from looked good and harmless. Good is like dynamite which can be used to move mountains and save time in construction but also can be used to kill people and damage things. Evil is like a drug that cures a certain disease but has side effects that kill you if given wrongly.

Evil today even though still appearing to be good has been drawn into a panic mode. It isn’t as hidden as before. In fact, it is wide out in the open claiming to be the sole speaker for the majority of the human race. It points at those who stand for God’s unchanging ways and says God has changed and the Word’s He had our fore father’s write aren’t completely right. That somehow the hidden evils of old that weren’t talked about much aren’t really evil at all. That the ones that want a completely verifiable peace with the evil empire are wrong and it doesn’t need to be as long as there isn’t a war. Evil today is more visible than it has ever been. From the front pages of our newspapers, magazines, radios, and televisions. All claiming that evil is good and having people that will step forward to lie to say that it is so. We live in dangerous times where evil is in a panic mode because it has been called out on many fronts and sees it ultimately lost to a God of good and righteousness. So What is Evil? It is anything that appears to be good but in the long run, it is bad for God and mankind. Now is this plagiarist writing because I’m sure Evil has been written about many times before? I say no because this has come straight from my heart and what I see in our society and churches. It is an alarm that every good God loving man, woman and child should sound. Will this stop evil or change the war on evil? It isn’t supposed to but opens a few more eyes, ears and minds to the deceiving way evil continues to work but today in a much more open way than the past. Your comments are always welcome, in fact, I encourage them because we can only grow by communicating our beliefs and different views.


Thinking About God

Have you ever really sat down and thought about God? Most people would probably say no. Think of the billions of people on this planet and God knows the very next thought in each of our minds. He knows the next word you’ll say. The next thing you’ll do. He knows you better than you do. I realize that many people don’t believe in God and that is perfectly okay because they have a free will. Somehow this world and all we see and touch just magically came to be is fine with them. The awesomeness of God amazes me and why God would put up with such an ungrateful people is beyond my understanding. I say that but in a sense I do understand in my human mine why God keeps this world turning. It is a love beyond all love that man can’t possibly comprehend. See because to us someone who would spit in your face and say you are a piece of crap, you wouldn’t keep around. Yet everyday and day after day people don’t give God a first thought or second thought. God isn’t in their hundredth thought of the day. Yet God keeps them breathing, watered and feed, roofs over there heads and their world turning round and round. Jesus said the way to heaven is a narrow way and few will reach it. I read what I just wrote and I know exactly why.

Media Library

People will say I believe in God. I ask when! When a baby is born. When you get real sick. When your in a accident. When you get married. When you are on your death bed. There are a lot of whens there and what about the in between times. Isn’t there a time other than those that God crosses our minds and hearts. Don’t you look at the things in your life that God has brought you through when you thought you wasn’t going to make it. To those that don’t believe I know you did it all yourself and when you die that is it you die. Darn what a waste to go through life with nothing in the end to look forward too. That makes me sad better get off that subject.

Think of this for a minute if you will. If you was Bill Gates or any billionaire and gave it all away expecting you could get into heaven. You wouldn’t make it without faith in Jesus and excepting His death, resurrection and confessing your sins and asking forgiveness. Simple and clean but you have let go of your pride and humble yourself. That is why it is harder for some to get into heaven.

Sometime no matter who we are we take this all for granted. We get up in the morning don’t give our Creator a second thought or a thought through out the day. Now I’m guilty as charge God and no I’m not proud of it but I’m being honest. It isn’t because I don’t believe every single word I’ve written but because I’m in this human skin, and somehow I just take everyday for granted. Yet God is so Amazing, Awesome and loving God. He understands and Jesus blood has washed me clean even though I don’t deserve it. This isn’t where I intended to go but you can’t speak of God in my writing without mentioning Jesus or vice versa


A New Day Coffee Please!

Ah yes, my morning cup of coffee. I’m not sure about you but there is something about that first cup in the morning, I’ve read where you shouldn’t have a cup right away in the morning. Something about taking away from your just finished nights sleep. But regardless old habits are sometimes hard to break. I’m not a guy that finds long term habits hard to break. I smoked for about 20 years and threw them out the window of my service vehicle one day and quit cold turkey. When my dad was having by-pass surgery

I work for over 44 years for one of the largest vending companies and in the last ten years, I’d say coffee has became our saving grace. Our company became a multi-service company. We carried about every type of coffee you could think of and the same with the machines that brewed them. You could have a Starbucks machine in your office and one of our clients had one in his home basement. Sometimes I wonder how people could afford to buy some of our coffee. K-cups really are pretty expensive at almost 40 cents a cup. Yet what is nice is not having to mess with the coffee grounds. The little machine you see in my picture above is a Hamilton Beach Flex-brew. You can use either grounds in a little cup or the k-cup adapter. I can’t drink a lot of coffee upsets my stomach after a few days of too many cups of my favorite brew. There is only the two of us too, so it makes sense to use a machine like this. I’m sure I could fix a machine like this but basically, they are a throwaway machine because they are so cheap to buy. I’d recommend this one to anyone really particularly if there’s only a couple of you at home.

There are other trends in the vending and refreshment trade that have breathed a little fresh air into its limp sails. I didn’t retire because it wasn’t interesting or couldn’t keep up with the technology but driving in the Winter began to really suck. With wifi,scanners, debit cards and remote cameras the trade was taking on a new look when I retired. Was looking forward to getting rid of all the service manuals (at least paper ones ) and using a iPad and laptops. With all the coffee makers we serviced iPad’s were going to make a world of difference.

Hope you are enjoying your favorite morning coffee as you read this. Have a great rest of your day. Your continued reading of my opinions are greatly appreciated and your comments are encouraged.


Dealing with the Sick

Dealing with sick people has a lot to do with cost and cost has a lot to do with health insurance, hospitals, medicines, research, doctors,nurses and all the other things required to keep us well. Dealing with the continual sky rocketing cost of care for the sick is a mind boggling problem.

This isn’t the day of mom going to the hospital and having a baby, then coming home a week later. With a bill for a few hundred dollars. When that was the case when health insurance was a pipe dream and the only one paying the bill was the patents family. People that went to the doctor with cancer or serious things like that were basically given very little chance of survival for any length of time.

Here we are 2019 and we have made great strides in treatments for a lot of mankind’s killer diseases. With the insurance companies help and the continual rising cost because someone has to pay for the great strides in our medical care. When I sold health insurance in 1970 Blue Cross and Blue Shield was the top of the line insurance carrier. They would pay when no one else would. Also it cost more than others because it paid for more. I’m not sure who is the Ace of the health care insurance companies today but I know there is one. Holding the cost on health care is pretty hard with ever advancing progress in treating of diseases we thought were almost never going to be cured.

With the recent passage of the the Affordable Care Act I can see one thing it has done. And it really isn’t anything to do with lowering medical cost. The older doctors have retired in droves. It’s like a rush to see how fast they could close there medical practices. I believe this was brought on by the payment limits of the Affordable Care Act and the choice of doctors in the plans. Many of older doctors were considered to high a cost for the new plans to absorb. Some that stayed would allow people to pay about 60% to 75% of the office call if it was paid on the spot cash or charge. I know this for a fact because my wife who is 7 years younger than me wouldn’t go to any of the doctors in the new plan that we could afford. So she went to her doctor and we paid around 75% cash for her visits. He doctor she had before the Affordable Care Act took hold, retired so fast the door didn’t hit him in the butt on the way out.

The great strides we are making in all sorts of fields of medicine both drugs and treatments is amazing to the average person like me. But the cost and who and how we continue to pay for these advances is a great concern for all. Like taxes even though some people say business are the ones who pay there own taxes. Taxes are a cost of doing business, as is energy, wages and everything else. It is all passed on to the consumer don’t kid yourself. Health insurance premiums pay for a lot if not most of these new advances. I started out writing this thinking of all the things Blue Cross and Blue shield use to pay for in 1970 and how sometime I thought if they just said no to paying for some of the advances. That premiums for health insurance would been less. I’m looking at what I’ve written and I see the position we are in. We can say no to paying for these advancements in medicine and limit ourselves to cures now instead of 10 years from now. We are in a capitalist society though and our lines and waits for treatment isn’t as long as it is in England, Canada and many other countries were government controls the cost and makes believe that you somehow aren’t paying for it. What do you think is there away to control our sky rocketing health care without cutting out the great strides we are making on treatments for so many things I can’t list them all. You opinions are welcome.

When Do We Need God ?

I think that is very straight forward question of the day. For some people I don’t think the thought of needing God doesn’t even passes through their mind once a week. That is a condemning statement for a lot of us. We just mosey through life and take everything for granted and walk around like we are blind to all the things going on. We are baptized either as babies or in our early teens. We learn all those little things that are needed to baptized or confirmed. We see things like 9/11 happen and everyone seems to have a need for God and the churches all fill up. Maybe our mother or our father get really sick and we pray for their healing. Yet in general we coast through life and our need for God seems to play minimal importance in our lives. We have a need for God when we baptize our children , when they get married and when they are sick or die. We may go to church on Christmas and Easter but if we miss there is next year. Really , we are such good at seeing the future. We go golfing and join all sorts of things that take time away from our families. We all the sudden get in a financial bind and then we ask God for help. Over and over again we take God for granted. And we cuss God when tragic things happen because we think He could have stop it. See I’m going to answer that question about when do we need God before I end this blog but first I have another question you should think about first. Because I hear people say God doesn’t need anything He created everything and so there is nothing we can give God. Oh that is so wrong my friends. For God can’t create our thankfulness for all He has given us. He can no more force you to be thankful that than He could make Adam and Eve not eat from that tree in the Garden of Eden. He could tell them what would happen if they did eat from it but He did not force no more than He forces us to be thankful for all He gives us each day.

Ged needs our thankful hearts and our asking for forgiveness when we do stupid thing and sometime intentional things that go against Him and hurt others. I’m really not sure Adam and Eve understood the grave sin that they committed in Eden. I read no act of contrition before they are put out of Eden. We go through life and just let things happen around us. Until something slaps us in the faces or kicks us where it counts we do nothing. Not even pray. If we don’t care and don’t care what happens to our towns and world. Then why should God give us guidance when we aren’t asking for it. We act like we don’t need God and don’t give a damn how things are going until it is so bad we have no where else to turn but to God. Even then sometimes are hearts are harden and we can’t even ask God then for help. Our way or no way and we get what we ask for nothing.

See I’m going answer that first question now everyday and in everyway. We need God when things are good or when things are bad. Because bad things happen to ALL people. We should teach our children to pray and thank God for everything the good , the bad and the ugly. Bad things happen and people die and that we should teach our children it is a fact of life that no one escapes from. Sometimes we go through bad things and being even thankful that God is there when things are bad. Oh God heard Jesus on that cross the afternoon He died and He promised Him He’d bring Him back to life in 3 days. God hears our prayer no matter how bad our situation is and if we come through or if we don’t. Our God has heard us and our faith in Him and Jesus like the thief on the cross who did NOTHING but say I’m a sinner forgive me. Jesus said THIS VERY DAY YOU WILL SEE PARADISE ! He did not say you have to start a soup kitchen or give all your money away or do anything to receive salvation just believe and ask forgiveness that was all. If we want change in our world then we belong on our knees. We belong in church more than just Christmas and Easter. We need God in our lives everyday. God needs to hear from you everyday whether it is a good day or bad God wants you to talk with Him. If we all cared enough to talk with God each day this world would be a far better place. God needs to hear our appreciation for the beautiful planet He has given us. For being one of His creations and that you don’t just take Him for granted. He wants a personal relationship with you and someday a walk in the gardens of paradise with you. He created us for that personal walk through life and He wants that personal thankfulness. He can’t get that thankfulness in any other way. He couldn’t create thankfulness and you and I are the only ones that can give that to God our Creator. We are made to do that and we receive more that we can ever give in return. So we need God everyday and God need us too.

Religion or Faith

The biggest mistakes that a preacher can make sometimes is to delve in to the area of politics. Maybe in blogging it could be in writing about Religion and Faith, I’ll soon find out.

When I’m sitting here thinking about things to write about it usually comes down to something I can’t shake from my mind. So today it is Religion and Faith. You can drive me away from my Religion but you can’t drive me away from my Faith. Religion to me is more of a institution like Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist and so on. But Faith is a personal thing that you get even if you don’t step inside a church. Even if I wasn’t brought up in a home were we went to church. I’d still see with great curiosity the marvels of the world I’d live in and wonder how it came to be. I’ve taken enough science to know you can’t make something from nothing. Scientist try all the time to tell us this is how the universes started but they neglect the one basic thing. You can’t make something from nothing. Argue all you want about evolution but first explain how something came from nothing. And there in I argue that God exist and there in my study began.

We can study all the Religions in the world but Religion isn’t Faith. You might say Religion leads you to Faith. I venture to say a lot of people go to church on Sunday or whatever day they choose but it isn’t a act of Faith that brings them there but a act of Religion. I was brought up in the Catholic Religion and I was always taught it was the only true Religion. Yet you get a little older and you ask yourself. Does that mean everyone else is condemned to hell ? Then you ever so slowly realize you have been sold a bill of goods that don’t float. You look at other Religions and you see that they too sell the same premise that puts Religion and belief in there way is the only way or it’s hell for you. Can’t dare question the Pope or Mohamed because if you do it’s condemnation forever to hell. Just in stating that I’ve already driven the Muslim’s to condemning me to hell. So be it this isn’t a blog designed to change your Religions but to make you Think !

Religion is rather easy to explain but Faith is a tougher nut to crack. Faith involves exploring and deep thought. Sit down with me if you will and remember your science class and your teacher teaching you about atoms and the parts of a atom. Yes we have made great strides at manipulating them and moving them around. Yet in a vacuum we have created Nothing ! So how did these atoms form? Out of nothing? Really then I say prove it. That my friends can’t be done. So how matter has to be made or created and you can’t do in a vacuum. It would take someone far superior than a man to create matter or anything. The complexity of any thing is far beyond our compacity to understand other than to say it’s a marvel the way it works. We may understand how we work but we can’t make a man or woman or anything from nothing. So it comes down to the consideration of a being , who is far superior to us. With more power , wisdom and love to create all we see and hear. A being with abilities far beyond our human imagination and so complex we couldn’t understand the love which it has taken to create everything we see and touch. Imagine this if you will . Here is this being we call Him God. He creates everything we see, touch, smell and hear. Then He says this is cool I like everything I have made. It is good. Yet something isn’t complete because even though I have created all this I have no one to share it with. So I will create man and unlike the Angels I’ve created I’ll give the physical bodies and I’ll put part of my spirit in them. So they will be in my image. Everything God made was perfect including man and woman. Yet man and woman were the pinnacle and most complex creation. With the ability to think, reason and make decisions for themselves. God just didn’t want a robot that would do exactly as He said to do but a creation that would choose to do the right thing and honor the one who created them. To you or me it may look like God messed up by giving man the option to obey or disobey or to do right or wrong. We were created to appreciate and honor our creator but not forced to do because that isn’t what God wanted. You can say I’ve just written the Book of Genesis and yes I’d say that is true in the most simplest way. God gave that knowledge of creation to our fore father’s in that book form. So that we would have that knowledge of where we came from and sensible way of explaining our own being. I’ve seen no better explanation from anyone else writing and I see reasonable hope in the writings of others faiths. So my faith is in a God I can’t see. Who can’t and won’t accept anyone in His heavenly kingdom that is without a blemish. God Himself provided that blemish repair in His Son Jesus Christ who died to take our blemishes away and all we have to do is say yes I’m a sinner and I believe that He died for my sins and they are wash away by that perfect sacrifice. And since He arose 3 days later I too will one day be accepted by God because His Son cleansed me. Religion can be seen but Faith is a matter of accepting the unseen.

The Lines Are Drawn-Out

The news media has gone nuts in the last 4 weeks or so. Ever since the death of George Floyd they have gone over the top for Biden and Black Lives Matter. It doesn’t matter how many police are killed or the police departments are unfunded or anything else. It is like now is the time to back the socialist agenda. President Trump is a racist for pointing out the destroying of monuments and the destruction of private property. If anyone says anything about Black Lives Matter or damages a Black Lives Matter sign it’s like you hit some black person in the face and called them some derogatory name. Yet police get ambushed, bricks, bottles and everything else thrown at them and the voice of the press isn’t crying outrage but are silenced. Report the news but nothing more. The Democrats sit back with tape over their mouths and Joe Biden in his basement bunker complaining about Trump’s response to the Corona virus. If you go to Microsoft Edge you’ll see multiple negative things from CNN and others to blast the President for anything he has said or done . If President Trump found the way to make it so we all could live without pain. The news media would find something wrong with it.

The wagons are circled around Joe Biden to protect him and keep his head down and mouth shut because he has no plan to Make America Great, better or anything else. Just a continuation of the Swamp force to burn money and line their pockets with the money they take from the American tax payers. You go into Congress with measly some in your bank account and like magic you come out with millions in your bank account and only made a $176,000 a year in a city with one of the highest cost of living in the USA. But no one blinks a eye or questions how anyone can make this happen. We can limit a President to two terms but we can’t put a limit to Congressional terms because now it is a job and not a representation of citizens. People go in to Congress thinking they can make a difference but those with tenure put a stranglehold on them and new ideas get flushed and the swamp goes on.

This election cycle is probably the most important one in our 244 year history. The lines are drawn in the sand. We can stand up for our Freedom or go the way of the socialist. The freedom fighters would continue stand up for our fore fathers and mothers. We’d continue to recognize the greatness of past generation and remember our successes and our failures. We’d continue to work to make America a success for all people.

On the other side you have people who only look at the imperfection of our nation and somehow approve of riots and burning of cities and business is right. Somehow they think we are better off without police and because you tare down statues of people in our passed you can erase history. That somehow if you give free college to everyone things would be better. That somehow if were given free health care and taught that our forefathers were all racist because of a few we’d be better off. We all be better off with no private gun ownership. There idea of equal justice under the law is if a policeman makes a mistake and miss handles a black man or woman we get rid of them. But places like Chicago and Baltimore where hundreds get killed every year if not thousands we do nothing about that.

These people who claim President Trump is the most corrupt President in our history. Sit back and watch riots and cities burn with a bind eye and say it is peaceful. The watch as hundreds of men and women’s livelihood are burned to the ground and while one black man life was taken unjustly other Blackman and women’s businesses were burnt to the ground and they don’t care.

Our President may have a big ego and sometimes he says things wrong but he wants all to be treated justly and have jobs. Nothing is perfect in life and our forefathers weren’t given nothing to make this country great, But through their faith in God and love of our land they did just that. They defended us and the freedom of the whole world too. We conquered no one but provided freedom for many and hope around the world. That is why people still want to come to America to live because the hope and freedom to control their own destiny.

A Message of Hope

Today is Easter Sunday and today in the Christian world talk about Hope !! What more does this world need now more than Hope ? I can think of nothing with a pandemic traveling around our globe. This isn’t the first time a pandemic has engulfed the world in death and sickness. Even with H1N1 flu the fight to develop a vaccine wasn’t nearly the challenge that it is with Covid-19. Yet in modern time with labs working around the clock. I believe we have Hope in away to treat Covid-19 until a vaccine can be developed. Now that is hope in man and a faith in God to give man the genius to find and develop the cure.

Many people who don’t have the slightest understanding of about our Creator God. Will question why God would let such a pandemic even exist. If you just take a look at life itself you’ll see God isn’t behind all the tragic happenings in the world but He allows them to happen. Sickness , wars , hunger , drug addiction , suicides’ and the list goes on. All allowed by a loving God. It makes no sense to those that have no faith and even somethings people of faith wonder why ? You really do need to go back to the first man and woman created by God to answer that question of why ? We are so weak and easy to deceive and man’s desire to be like God has never changed. God defined what is right and wrong, when told Adam and Eve not to eat from that one tree. That act of disobedience change this world forever. Our survival was put in to our hands before that act of disobedience our survival was in God’s hand because man and woman were perfect in all ways. We weren’t powerful but perfect like everything else God created. We know God could have stop Eve from eating that fruit and giving some to Adam but yet He didn’t because He wanted their obedience freely ! After that imperfection enter God’s creation and imperfection that can’t be in the same realm with God. And God saw a need to give us Hope. He provided Jesus His only Son who came lived and died on a cross for our sins. Every last one of us even the ones who nailed Him to the cross. The Hope is in His resurrection and the words He said that who so shall ever believe in Him ( Jesus) and ask forgiveness for their sins and repent shall be saved. That is simple straight forward and no strings attached.

I’m really not sure why I didn’t publish this back around Easter but it is never to late to celebrate the the Hope Easter brings. With the Covid 19 pandemic and the recent riots the call for Hope is even louder than before. Our lives run on Hope and Hope fades away despair sets in and we give up . We throw in the towel and do desperate things. It’s nice to be around people that look on the positive things in life even when the circumstances aren’t so promising. Human are made to live on Hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. For a cure for cancer For a answer to a world of unending wars and for a end to poverty. Yet we know some of those things have been with mankind since almost creation itself. I listen to the people of Black Lives Matter talk but I see no Hope in it for white man like me. I see them marching in cities but I see in others cities they don’t bother to march in. A black man or a black woman gets killed by a cop justly or not and the they march in the streets. But 25 or 30 black people get shot in Chicago every week and there are no march’s or cries of out rage because no police man did it. There is something wrong with that picture that one life is more important that someone else’s life. What Hope does Black Lives Matter bring to the law abiding black community if all they want is to get rid of police and law and order ? When Black Lives Matter sees a black man or black woman’s business burnt to the ground and they don’t give a damn or say a word about it ?

I’m finishing this writing on July 4th , 2020 America’s day of Independence and right fully so. Over 244 years ago our fore father’s and mother’s came to this continent to try to fulfill their dreams of Freedom. Some came to escape persecution because of the way they worshiped God. Others just to escape from the monarchy of the British or France and others. Some just had a dream of being able to live life’s of Hope with out the burden of having a government for anything. Maybe in the first years that might have been so. But we know men being men law and order doesn’t prevail by itself because of all our human faults. Yet this a unique country with no king that reigns over us. We are one nation under God and that is the reason this country still stands today. Under God gives us Hope and provides a protection in our Faith. Many have tried to remove that protection out of our laws , our oaths and our ways of life. I don’t envision that battle ever going away but if it does our Nation will fail because God is the Hope this nation was founded on. We are a long ways from prefect and our nation has many flaws but yet We the People control the Hope of this country with our choice of Godly leaders that believe in our fore father’s dreams of Freedom and right’s to worship as we please. If your goal is to to make this nation better for All then your goal is of God because no one is better than another !

Sticks and Stones Can Break My …

We have all been there at sometime in our lives. Maybe it was your mother or your father that told you. That sticks and stones can break your bones but words can’t ever hurt you, I could have even been a teacher or boy scout leader or girl scout leader. Yet I’ll almost guarantee that someone in your life has told you that. We more than likely heard that as a young age and never gave it much thought as to its truth. Sometimes it takes a while to digest what our parents or older people tell us. Now words may not hurt you much from a stranger when they are said to you but those very same words from your mom or dad are like getting hit with a ton of bricks. Who ever made up that saying either had the thickest skin in the world when it came to their mom and dad saying things to them. I know for a fact that you can be doing things and have playmate call you stupid and you can brush it off. Yet when your mom or dad calls you stupid it hurts and it hurts deep. It doesn’t matter whether they are joking or anything else. When you are young you don’t understand that they really don’t mean it.

I admit I live in mostly a white world but it isn’t because I have anything against any other race but just because my situation is like that. That is the way it works for everyone basically though. It isn’t intentionally racial it is just the way it is. When you grow older and your field of friends grow all the other races come into play. I think you can be taught to be prejudice by parents, grandparents or relatives which is tragic and wrong. Yet that is real world and unfortunate. I really don’t think my parents ever mention a word of prejudice towards and other races or creeds. I’m so thankful for that and it was a very wise decision to leave the thinking to us as their children.

Of course as you grow older your small world of friends change and you meet people from all walks of life all races and creeds. I’m a Veteran of the Viet Nam years. The arm services was well integrated and we depended on one another for our very lives in many situations. There wasn’t time to play the race card and if you did your butt was in trouble. I never really understood a couple things. You hear black guys talking to each other and they’d call each other the N word and think nothing of it. Yet if a white guy would call one the N word all hell would break loose. I just think it is the kind a word I wouldn’t call anyone. I get it but that word should be lock away and never used. I guess racial prejudice works both ways and maybe in ways that aren’t necessarily about skin color but religion , nationality and any reason a person wants to dream up. Insensitive towards our fellow citizens isn’t something new and it isn’t going away. And it won’t unless we call people on their insensitive talk and actions. It starts with parents , teachers and leaders. The George Floyd take down has gotten universal attention and 99.9% of people would say that excessive forced was use and very stupid police officer and his helpers should pay a high price for that stupidity. Let’s talk about the community response and a few other things.

Most law abiding citizens understand the anger and frustration that George Floyd’s parents, and others feel toward the police. The anger is justified and just a little slap on the wrist isn’t going to be enough of a answer to the death of George Floyd. The demonstrations across this great country should be enough to get the powers that be attention. Yet the even with the support that has been built something has gone wrong. Mass peaceful protest is enough to get our attention and support. When it turns to riots beating of innocent people , destroying of businesses and injuring hundreds of police you lose us law abiding citizens support. We have nothing against Black Lives Matter but we do have something against them if the only time that counts is when a black man or woman is hurt by police. See Black Lives Matter to us law abiding citizens in Chicago , Baltimore , New York City or any other place in this country day in and day out. We protest excessive force used on all people and it doesn’t matter about race , color or religion. Equal Justice Under The Law means Equal Justice For All. For the people who are handled with excessive force , for the businesses who are destroyed and the communities that are left with millions of dollars of expenses , lost revenue and future taxes that won’t come back anytime soon. All our lives matter and without peace and tranquility you may have your life but why live if your community is ruined. It’s time to get off the streets and go home is. It isn’t because you are giving up but because there are forces that making what you are working for look like you don’t want peaceful and orderly change. The more businesses that are destroyed and police that are killed and hurt. The power you lose because you lose the rest of us law abiding citizens support. Change is ok and good but without the threats and violence. That is why Martin Luther King Jr. was successful because he brought attention to the problems basics but He did it without burning cities. We know further change needs to come but again with peaceful means and reasonable demands that everyone can live with. Yea and sticks and stones do break bones and it is a bunch of BS that words never hurt you. They do and when the bones are healed the words continues to hurt for a life time in some cases. Dr. Phil once said ” It takes a 1000 I love You to make up for telling your kid he or she is Stupid one time. ” That is a fact and ask any kid where dad or mom has called him stupid if that isn’t right 100% of the time.

President Trump Losing His Base ?

With roughly 130 day until the election the polling shows President Trump trailing Joe Biden Democrat Presidential hopeful. Even in the Fox Polling he comes up short. Now if you believe all these polls President Trump loses to Joe Biden in November. Even though you can take the polls the same way that we did in 2016 when all the early polls showed Hillary Clinton leading all contenders by double digits. Let’s take a look at some of the changes since 2016.

The world economies are in more of the dumps. Is it because President Trump and his economic policies or is it the Covid -19 pandemic ? It is true that tariffs and the threat of tariffs have resulted in some pretty good economic deals for the United States and NATO members finally ponying up to pay more of their fair share for the cost of the alliance hasn’t made any new friend. But yet to America it doesn’t show us as the softies we been. Yes a promise kept by Candidate Trump. Of course our news media makes it look like President Trump is a laughing stock but only to the snobbish leaders. Why should it be a big secret that the world loves our loose purse strings. Heck we have given money to countries that hate us and they use it to blow things up that hurt Americans. Several other things could effect the coming election on the record of foreign policy. President supposed softness on the Russians. Let’s look at that. Has President Trump colluded with Russia a big NO. Has he approved more sanctions against the Russians than any other President a big YES. Has he promoted our oil and energy industry to take big bite out of the Russians and OPEC. A big YES. Has he countered every move that the Russians have made and cancel treaties that the Russians were not keeping. Another Big Yes. Did President Trump lose support because he met with the North Korean President Kim Jung Um. Since when did talking hurt and did he give away the bank to meet with him. We might not have gained a lot but the missiles aren’t flying over Japan anymore. So a losing issue there for the Democrats. The issue are many in foreign relationships and Israel is one that looks better than it did during the Obama years. A promise kept on moving our Embassy to Bethlehem the capital of Israel. The last 4 Presidents ran on that promise but never did it and President Trump did it. Let’s look at the American economy some.

Pre-pandemic the economy seem to be rolling a long a pretty good clip. Job numbers in most states were at all time lows and the numbers of people in the American work force were at record numbers. Of course since everything lags behind some the Democrats have tried to say they started before President Trumps election. From a Obama administration that said ” We never see the unemployment rate below 5% again and that manufacturing job are never coming back ” I’d say they did nothing to change anything before they left office. But no matter what the economy looked like to the Democrats they still said it was all a lie. Just a little secret between me and you $15.00 hour for a minimum wage wouldn’t make the Democrats happy. Most of us know that when you talk about elections a lot of people vote by what has happen to their pocket books. And tax cuts have effected our pockets books and so has the Covid 19 pandemic. When you say disease and then say no cure and no vaccine it scares 99% of us. I suppose it put that same fear into President Trump. We went a long with the recommendation of the experts and advise us to social distance , wash our hands frequently and avoid large crowds. Million were laid off and millions remain out of work. Just what a good Democrat would order for a change in administration. In normal condition I might say that would be right but this time around I’d say there is a difference in what the Democrats offer and what President Trump and the Republicans offer. What the Democrats offer is a return to the Deep State policies , Obama Care or worst , reinstatement of regulations , higher taxes and same old thinking of the past. Does the Trump base believe we’d be better off with 4 years or 8 years of Democrat rule ? Do we really think sleep Joe and the Democrats can make any difference with the Covid -19 pandemic which hasn’t gone away and no vaccine yet. Will we trust old sleepy Joe to lead us back to property and not chase jobs overseas again. Will we trust him to keep the iron ore mines open in Minnesota and the shale oil production going. Even though everything has been effected by the pandemic can we trust sleep Joe and the Democrats to not put a strangle hold on the economy and put the same efforts into vaccine and a treatment for Covid-19 if a vaccine doesn’t materialize in the next year. Let’s look at what Joe Biden wants from the Trump base.

In order for President Trump’s base to shift to the Democrat side many acceptances would have to be forth coming from Sleepy Joe and his Democrat base. First could they accept closed borders protected by walls , fences and technology ? Could they accept Pro-Life Christians ? Could they accept those of us that believe that President Trump has been unfairly treated for the past 3 years plus ? Can they support Justices that upholds the Constitution and not make laws from the bench. And that all people are created equal even those in Chicago and Baltimore that Black Lives Matter and others have written off year after year. Can they accept school choice for all. You see all these things and many more sleepy Joe and the Democrats are going to have to address in order for most of President Trump supports to change the way they voted in 2016. You can call Trump a liar or anything else you want but we don’t see anyone but a person who wants the status quo to change and to put America back to work and to spend some money here on things that need to be fixed, He wants everyone to have a job and raise a family without fear. President Trump maybe down in the polls but we know how the media works polls and only one that counts will be November 3, 2020 !!

What’s Wrong with History ?

That might just be the $64,000 question going through your mind these days. We have somehow decided that the easiest way to correct history is to rip down the statues of people like Columbus and Andrew Jackson , General Robert E. Lee , Lincoln and anyone we don’t like in our history books. Somehow this will erases the things they did and make our world a better place. We all have our favorite history hero’s and villain’s who did things to our ancestors that we don’t like. After these people get done ripping statues down are they going to act like the Nazis’ and insist we burn all the books that mention the names of these people ? What exactly happen to the truth setting you free ? History is just that History ! It is the past whether right or wrong was done is a lesson to be learned from . We can’t change what our ancestors did but we can act differently to make our future better. Funny thing about history is that it sometime shows the imperfections of people that lived long ago. It also shows us the basic facts of life. That is we all DIE !! No one has a exemption card to cheat death but everyone has a history they leave behind. Just imagine if you will the one great accomplishment in your life being I ripped the statue of Andrew Jackson down or General Robert E. Lee. What do you tell your children about it and your reason for it ? I don’t know how I’d explain that to my son or daughter do you ?

This is really what I find wrong with schools today they don’t teach acceptance of someone else point of view. Instead of teaching that sugars and fats in moderation isn’t all bad for you. They teach that you should be a vegan or some other kind of diet freak. They teach you like a child that isn’t going to grow up. Instead of showing you that you need these skills to make it through life. They avoid teaching those skills we all need in everyday life. Doing a basic check book or cooking a simple meal aren’t taught. Maybe schools that send more kids to college get more funding I’m not sure. There is something about accepting other peoples point of view you think would be a basic in life. Teaching to a person to agree to disagree and remain friends is very important thing in living together in this world. If you have to force people to agree with you then maybe you should review your position or learn to compromise and find a middle ground.

We can’t change anything that happen yesterday or anything we did 5 minutes ago. Once something is done it is done. We can only learn from our mistakes and try to do better. You wear your mask as you rip down these statues of our fore fathers . Yes , I know that we live in a world with a pandemic but you would wear your mask because you aren’t brave enough to show your face and really go down in the history books. At least the people that you tare down the statues of were brave enough to show their faces and speak out about their conviction and not hide behind a mask. You live in a country where you can burn our national flag and have it called freedom of speech. But you don’t live in a country without laws about destroying property and causing mayhem There are limits to what we can to do to upset the harmony of everyone life’s. We know that statue ripping is only the beginning of your mayhem and next it will be our libraries , schools , museums and institutions of higher learning . Destroying statues is just a precursor of your hate for America and our way of life .

There is nothing wrong with history and there is nothing wrong with names or statues of the people in our past. We look at them and they remind us that they did certain things and they either won or lost. There isn’t one thing we can change about what they did . That is a fact and they are dead and their time has gone. Time is now to work to make this world a better place . If you aren’t evil then take off your mask and put a face to the change you want and educate us all. I double dog dare you cowards that doing these things.

The Deserting of Trump

From now until the day of election what we are going to here is that somehow voters are going to make a mass exodus from the ranks of Trump campaign. The race card is spread out before us. He somehow didn’t provide enough leadership during the George Floyd experience to be able to stop the riots and rename all the Army bases because they are named after southern Confederates. Somehow President Trump is suppose to snap too and salute Black Lives Matter and do as they wish to bring some kind of peace to our nation. He is suppose to keep his mouth shut and not say anything about the rioters and looters that torched and looted businesses. He is suppose to apologize for sending the National Guard into Washington D.C. to prevent further destruction of property and maiming of police officer’s. Somehow we are suppose to believe that President Trump liked watching the video of George Floyd being knelt on and begging for his life. Somehow we are suppose to believe the number one problem and cause of the riots is Trump didn’t speak out soon enough. Maybe he did wanted to bring in the regular Army to qualm the riots and bring a end to the riots and looting. Who could blame him for wanting to end the destruction of businesses and maiming of police. I doubt that any true Trumper’s are going to desert President Trump for his actions because they know he was as horrified as the rest of us were about the actions of the police against George Floyd.

We are going to hear that everything President Trump did during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic was wrong. The make believe media saying that somehow President Trump could have actually acted sooner to stop the pandemic. The media will even blame the Covid-19 shut down on him , when in fact the governor’s of each state had that power not President Trump. We are going to here that we weren’t prepared for a pandemic and our stock of PPE was his fault for being depleted. I know all President Obama did was lay around all the time thinking about how a pandemic would come to America and was back stocking PPE. for that to happen. Yes and if you believe that any President just does that day and night you believe in Frosty the Snowman. Government has a notorious reputation for moving slow. The easiest thing was the stay at home orders and shutting down non-essential businesses. To tell the truth it was unbelievable how fast that happen and how successful it was. We know that like the flu this the coronavirus was and is most deadly to elderly and people with weak immune systems. But unlike the flu no real vaccines or medication to cure it. The blame game isn’t going to get us to desert President Trump.

Deserting President Trump would be like deserting General Eisenhower a week before his ride into Berlin to declare a victory for the Allies at the end of World War 2. It isn’t going to happen because there is no viable candidate to run against a bunch of liberals who think they know how to live our lives better than us. Who think that somehow if we give away our rights to own a guns and teach our son’s and daughters about God and Jesus our country will be better for it. We are suppose to desert President Trump because he didn’t complete the wall across our southern borders. When the reality is that he never got the support of Congress because of back stabbers and Democrats who want open borders. President Trump has kept more promises than any other President has even if we don’t agree with them all. What he says he does and you can bank on his promises. Were other Presidents before paid lip service to their promises President Trump has delivered on his.

For 3 years plus we have seen everything thrown at President Trump and he has stood his ground in all cases. The hate for President Trump on the left is so bad that nothing he does that is positive is reported. Instead of joining the fight to help Trump in anything they have worked against him. Joe Biden says President Trump will have to cheat to win reelection but he provides no vision for a better America with him in charge. Desertion of President Trump is a real dream in the lefts lies.

2020 The year that got Canceled ?

Every time you turn around our leaders and organizations are canceling events. Maybe the front cover of Time Magazine in December will say ” The Year of The Covid-19 ” . For truly the coronavirus has dominated almost everyone’s life since the first cases . The first case in any country you live in. This has been a disease that hasn’t a vaccine or any handy medicines to relieve it’s effects. At the outset many people thought it to be like the Flu but as it turns out it is much more complicated and deadlier to people with pre-existing condition, elderly 60 + , people of color and minorities. We have still have seen people in all ranges of age dying from this invisible killer. Everyday that goes by with no vaccine or meds to counter act the effects of the coronavirus , the places we want go or things we like to do are being drastically changed. Social distancing is now main line messaging. A lot of people didn’t know what the acronym PPE stood for 3 months ago. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is now used on a daily basis. Because children seem to be less effected but might be good carriers that effects grandma and grandpa with a simple hug it has changed family get togethers. Visiting retirement homes and visiting those place are now off-limits.

Even though the things are slowly opening in some areas. Event after event keep on being canceled. Many people have been laid off because of the limitation and closing somethings indefinitely. Swimming pools closed for the summer and park programs a no go for the summer. Here they have just opened restaurants for 50% capacity, bars and pool halls. Most big box stores are limiting the number of people who can come in at one time. The grocery stores in some case make you go in one door on one side and out a door on the other side. Wearing mask and protective gloves in serving people or wearing mask in to protect yourself. Many people like myself and my wife are having groceries delivered by stores or relatives. With the limited opening of summer sports for high schools , little leagues and other sports nothing is going to look like it use too. From the grandstands full of fans and high fives at the end of the games and trips to the DQ to celebrate the win. Nothing is going to look the same until the coronavirus has a vaccine and meds to to combat its effects.

Even with openings the coronavirus isn’t going away and we don’t know whether this will be reoccurring in the Fall and Winter of 2020. Will the coronavirus be like the flu reoccurring year after year with mutations of it ? We know that the coronavirus has attacked the most vulnerable and perhaps cause these number rise because of no way to prevent the coronavirus. So more cancelation of events may continue. Social distancing presents a big problem for large events because the numbers of people to attend may make the cost to high to have the event. For example our church holds about 250 people but social distance of 6 Ft. would mean a capacity of 60 people. I know some people think that this covid-19 is way over blown and the government response is way overboard. The majority of deaths are probably in the age groups over 65 and people with pre-existing conditions. A lot of these people may have already had cancer, heart disease or other conditions. In a lot of these case these people may have live with their condition for many years but covid-19 has no cure so it takes these people sooner. Now the government needs to get us back to work but the simple truth is that the coronavirus is still out there. The uncertainty means gradual opening and social distancing. It means people over 65 and pre-existing conditions are still afraid and under stay at home situation. I’m one of those who is effected in this way. It really doesn’t matter what they open up safe isn’t going to happen anytime real soon for me.

If I was working yet I probably would take a chance only for a couple reasons. One you need to eat and two you need to pay the bills. But with things the way they are 2020 will be a record year for cancelation of most events. I don’t blame the government for anything. How were they to know this was coming down the pike or how much of a need there was going to be for the PPE. It is easy to point fingers and complain about mistakes that government has made. They aren’t God but humans like us all. It’s a learn and live moment in time and we should thank those people even if a mistakes have been made.

I think we have done a pretty good job of staying at home and doing our best to minimize our contact with each other. How long we can do this without driving our spouses nuts or throwing up our hands and saying the hell with this and just taking a chance. We know this can’t go on forever and the government can’t just keep giving out checks. I believe that those of us that even though we’ve been in a lock down for the last 11 weeks or so . We don’t really understand the horrible reality of covid-19 disease because a lot of us haven’t personally lost anyone to it. We are like on the outside looking in. It isn’t that at we haven’t seen the pictures on TV but we haven’t lost someone close to us. When you see someone you know today and a few days later they are gone it effects you differently. Our country and even the world can’t afford another years of canceled events. We are losing literally trillions of dollars and recession like we have seen before could come. So the goal of the world governments as a whole should a all out war against covid-19 and until a safe vaccine is produced medicines that that will at cut the suffering from catching it. We don’t care which political party the scientist belong to or if they support Trump or Pelosi . We need unity to work day and night so 2021 isn’t a repeat of 2020 . An the only thing that gets canceled in 2021 is the word CANCELED !!